Never ask a woman her age

aJeNa194_10022 (DSL 0 files) has entered
aJeNa> hi
-._.·´¯`¤._.-´(EaglE)`-._.¤´¯`·._.-> hi
BugMX> hi
aJeNa> hovv are you, bug?
BugMX> im fine thx
aJeNa> vvhere are you from?
BugMX> croatia
aJeNa> hovv old are you?
BugMX000_12345 has left
¤LVHC¤SabLe> never ask a woman about her age or she leaves the room lol
aJeNa> ah she vvas a vvoman?
aJeNa> xD
aJeNa> or vvas she*
-._.·´¯`¤._.-´(EaglE)`-._.¤´¯`·._.-> lool
aJeNa> muahauhauahuah
aJeNa> i've make the third grado? :°D
aJeNa> xD