The Cadbury Caramel Egg rolls into Anime Yakuza

> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 rolls across the floor and into the corner
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> catch the egg~
> [@@]acx[AY]Menchi187 jumps on the egg
[AY]Tenjou «Bunnykins» 000> Poor egg.
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 hangs onto her foil wrapper for dear life
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> lol
> [@@]acx[AY]Menchi187 tugs at the egg
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 tugs on the egg too
> [AY]Tamahome128 glomps egg
[@@]acx[AY]Menchi187> lol egg im sure you lost that "wrapping" in your teens ;)
#c237#P(/\/\G/\/\)P#c51#The_ecbbb_101> egg got jumped
[AY]Tenjou «Bunnykins» 000> XD
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 spits caramel in menchi's eye
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> lmao!
> [@@]acx[AY]Menchi187 goes blind!!!!!!!!!!
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 lauughs
[AY]Tenjou «Bunnykins» 000> hehe
[@@]acx[AY]Menchi187> told you i was going blind tenjou
[AY]Tenjou «Bunnykins» 000> >.> but I didn't do it.
[AY]Tenjou «Bunnykins» 000> So I don't feel as bad.
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 huggles the egg o.o;
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 starts to melt
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 picks up the melted egg
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 keeps it as a pet o.o;
[AY]Plastic_Yakuza[AU*]777> What will you name it Zara?
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> hrm
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> eggy? but kinda old fashion
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> 'ol yeller
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696> >.>
[AY]Plastic_Yakuza[AU*]777> lol
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 kind of likes the name "caramel side up"
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 696 slaps a tag that reads: caramel side up aka 'ol yeller

>Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 is AFK, rolls into a corner and falls asleep(-.-)
> [AY] Ryuho master of Zetsuei 000 pets the pet

> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 rolls across the floor and stops in middle of the room, twirls, and rolls towards the corner
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> o.o
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 pokes the pet
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> ouch
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 tries to fix the dent in her chocolate
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 huggles the pet o.o;
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 begins to melt from the body heat
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> o.o damn it...
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 puts the pet inside a cup and sticks it in a freezer
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> :-)
TSC[07];hollowlife1987> lol
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> dont get frozen now o.o
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 likes being frozen
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 feels at home in the freezer
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.> -names you 'ol yeller/pet 'rock'
> sirbartonslady626 wonders what the hell is going on XD
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> lol
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 thought her name was caramel side up
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.> that too.. but i dont call you that =P
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 re-does the name tag: 'Caramel Side Up aka 'ol Yeller/Pet 'rock''
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> =/
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> lol
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> your names keeps getting bigger...
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> so do
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.>
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> pet rocks are not suppose to grow!
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> it said so on the box!
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 passes out chocolate kisses to everyone in the room then sits still and quiet
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 points!
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> o.o
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 blinks
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 gets lonely being the only chocolate egg in the room :-(
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> lol
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 thinks about buying another one then.....
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 hopes it's a Cadbury Fudge Egg
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.> picky arint you lol
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 thinks the cream ones are nasty
Joins: Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000_00000 (128K ISDN, 50 files) ()()
KrishBOT000> welcome Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 [ DCMX Started ]
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 [ -=ßeta Series=- v5.3ß ]
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> :-)
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> there =P
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 rolls over to the fudge egg and winks ;-)
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 rolls back over the Cadbury Caramel Egg and smiles
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 twirls around in front of the fudge egg and then peels back a bit of foil and flashes some chocolate
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> o.o no mini pets now!
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> you don't like Cadbury Mini Eggs :-(
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 shivers and melts
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> no i just dont wanna take care of them =P
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 drags the fudge egg to the freezer and closes the door behind her
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 haves a fun time
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> :: the freezer begins to shake ::
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 freezer shakes faster
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> :: freezer door flies open and millions of Cadbury Mini Eggs fly out all over the floor ::
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> DAMN YOU TWO >O
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.>
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 isnt cleaning up the mess
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 huggles the Cadbury Caramel Egg
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 huggles back
> [AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390 starts selling the new mini;s - -;
�š���`•��m�C�¿�`P'UNK���š303> minis?
�š���`•��m�C�¿�`P'UNK���š303> rofl
�š���`•��m�C�¿�`P'UNK���š303> mini couper? xD
Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000> - has kids now =D
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> :-D
> Cadbury Caramel Egg 103 bets asuran never thought he'd be going into the chocolate business when he first spotted her
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> >.>
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> hush =P
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> lol
�š���`•��m�C�¿�`P'UNK���š303> hmm asuran is on choco business too? OMG O_O
�š���`•��m�C�¿�`P'UNK���š303> your dirty dirty boy!
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> lmao
Cadbury Caramel Egg 103> lol
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 kisses Cadbury Carmel Egg bye :'(
[AY]ahAsuran Zara[SEED] X09A X303 390> yeah you ass! better leave before i fix you!
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 o.o; rolls away.. to come back to make more mini's ;)
> Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000 [ DCMX Stopped ]
Parts: Cadbury_Fudge_Egg_aka_'ol_Red_000_00000 (Stayed 44 minutes) ()()

Magic Carpet Ride

PlasticYakuza> arrgg
PlasticYakuza> my little brother wont shut up on aim about old carpet
PlasticYakuza> he wants me to take this old dirty carpet for some reason
Krishean> knock him out and roll him up in it
Krishean> then leave him in downtown orlando
Krishean> if all goes to plan, you'll never see him or the carpet again
Krishean> is it downtown orlando or downtown miami that is really bad...
PlasticYakuza> both
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> lol
Krishean> which is worse/closer
PlasticYakuza> mimai is probably worse
PlasticYakuza> orlando had an insane number of murders this year though
Krishean> drop him off in a back alley there then
PlasticYakuza> people getting beaten to death on the street and shit
Krishean> he probably won't get killed if he's rolled up naked in a carpet, but he'll learn never to bother you about a carpet again
Krishean> tape $20 to his ass with a note
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> "please call me a taxi"
PlasticYakuza> pft
PlasticYakuza> that $20 be gone in 5 minutes
Krishean> taped to his ass and rolled up in a carpet naked?
PlasticYakuza> that at least gone
Krishean> toss the carpet in a heap of trash in a back alley
Krishean> but not in a dumpster
Krishean> would be a pretty mean joke to play on someone
Krishean> especially if you had them shipped out to vegas
Krishean> or alaska
Krishean> or china
Krishean> or somewhere equally as random
PlasticYakuza> have to make sure the box stays in a pressurized section of the plane
Krishean> carpet*
PlasticYakuza> lol, what shipping place is going to accept a naked guy wrapped in a carpet??
Krishean> lol tell them its a prank
Krishean> im shure someone will have a sense of humor if you pay them enough
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> drug him up to keep him out for 24 hours
Krishean> ship him somewhere with overnight shipping

Srikats and Meerkats

mouser> is a srikat like a mir cat?
anderson> u scared him away, lol
anderson> MOUSER!
mouser> because mir cats sure are cute
anderson> hi Gothi[c]
Gothi[c]> hi anderson
* srikat has joined #donationcoder
anderson> SRIKAT!
mouser> :)
mouser> anyone heard of a mir kat
mouser> or whatever they are called
tinjaw> meerkat
Ken`> yeah
mouser> there we go!
Ken`> why
mouser> i was wondering if a srikat was similar to a meerkat
Ken`> lol
Ken`> it seems unlikely to me
anderson> ty mouser
Ken`> did you check out the reef mouser
Ken`> and all it's nasties
mouser> yes those are scary suckers
mouser> thats why i do not like oceans
Ken`> no kid
mouser> humans were not meant to go in oceans
Ken`> lol
mouser> except on giant boats
Ken`> like the titanic?
Ken`> or poseidan?
tinjaw> Those are meerkats in the upper left
mouser> i think its time for me to reveal the truth about donationcoder
mouser> dc is run by a team of 14 meerkats
mouser> working around the clock
Ken`> can' wait
Ken`> lol
mouser> and paid a wage of spiders
Ken`> no wonder you were interested
mouser> rofl
mouser> srikat if you have a team of srikats at your command
mouser> i will hire them all
mouser> at 3 spiders per day
mouser> each
mouser> plus 1 bonus centipede per month
mouser> if they code well
anderson> lol
tinjaw> my tinjaw wolfpack will put them all to shame
tinjaw> The theme of my apartment is wolves.
tinjaw> I as an ESTP and as a Leo I identify with them, and birds of prey like hawks and eagles.
Ken`> I think you should just go blog my post Jesse
Ken`> and tin,
Ken`> well
Ken`> I just don't know
mouser> im going to blog it in a bit
Ken`> lol
mouser> ive got my eye on it dont worry :)
Ken`> ok
mouser> thx for posting
Ken`> LOL
Ken`> np boss
mouser> first i have to get it approved
mouser> by the head meerkat
Ken`> now, how bout sharing some of those spiders
mouser> nothing gets blogged without his approval
Ken`> I thought I was blog captain
mouser> thats what he told me to tell you
Ken`> I suppose he has a h
Ken`> rofl
Ken`> ok, you win
Ken`> I'll just watch

Packet Sniffer

Krishean> im in ur, stealing ur content
Krishean> with a packet sniffer
Krishean> no matter how hard you try, you can't hide your content from a man with a packet sniffer
Krishean> helps if the packet sniffer dosen't freeze

Geeky Psychology

tinjaw> Ken's new DC forum. DonationClinic.
mouser> :)
Ken`> lol
Ken`> yes
Ken`> plz donate
tinjaw> It's under the LGPL, Lesser General Psychology License
app> lol
Ken`> nothing about my psychology is lesser
app> very true
app> he is very good at what he does
Ken`> ty app
Ken`> wow
tinjaw> illness psychosis = new illness.mental(OCD)
Ken`> big ty app
Ken`> I like the idea of instantiation here since it can come and go
Ken`> very good tin
tinjaw> Ken.treat(psychosis)
Ken`> and now it's gone
Ken`> voila
tinjaw> for months in year: Ken.treat(psychosis)
Ken`> lol
tinjaw> if psychosis.state == cured: break
tinjaw> if psychosis.state == 2 * psychosis.beginState then Ken.bill = Ken.bill * 2
Ken`> it's making me sick to my stomach
app> keep going and you might have a NANY app for ken to release
Ken`> lol
app> more effective than my Smile Inducer 2007
tinjaw> if psychosis.treatmentTime >= time(YEAR) then Ken.refer(doctorX)
tinjaw> if psychosis.type in (typeX, typeY, typeZ) then {
Ken`> shit, I discharged 2 patients on thrusday
tinjaw> workload +=
tinjaw> Ken.article = possibility
Ken`> and 1 one week before that
Ken`> lol
tinjaw> = PhD
Ken`> numerous = Ken.article
tinjaw> for each item in Ken.posessions :
tinjaw> item.upgrade()
tinjaw> print Ken.getPosessions()
tinjaw> car
tinjaw> house
tinjaw> vacation house
tinjaw> boat
tinjaw> print Ken.getPossibilities(typeTVShow).asPercent
tinjaw> 74.76%
Ken`> Ken.Humility = Infinite
tinjaw> if Ken.whois(newPatient) == "Tinjaw"
tinjaw> then Ken.setState("freaked")
Ken`> yeah
tinjaw> Ken.practice.close()
Ken`> l
app> lol
Ken`> l
Ken`> ll
tinjaw> += far
tinjaw> += far++
tinjaw> while True do Ken.hide()
tinjaw> EOF
tinjaw> mouser: Can I use that as my N.A.N.Y. app?
Ken`> ok
Ken`> that was fun
Ken`> and very gractious
Ken`> Ken.GottaGo(Now)
Ken`> Bye.all
tinjaw> LOL
tinjaw> G'bye
* Ken` has quit (Quit: Ken exploded!)

Nuts & Nipples

Krishean> Package Contents:
Krishean> CPU Cooler
Krishean> Thermal Grease
Krishean> Backplate
Krishean> Fixing Nuts
Krishean> Nipples
Krishean> lol comes with nipples
MasoMenchi187> lol
yello_maniac> monkeys
MasoMenchi187> comes with nuts and nipples
yello_maniac> what a deal
Krishean> i think im going to end up getting something like that
app> just for the nipples?
yello_maniac> the nuts too
yello_maniac> and grease
Krishean> lol
Krishean> no
Krishean> low profile fan
MasoMenchi187> someone say grease? >_>
app> is that grease real butter
app> ?
yello_maniac> if only it were true
MasoMenchi187> is that a shot at my winmx nick? @ app
app> don't flatter yourself
MasoMenchi187> i wont
yello_maniac> lol he got toasted
yello_maniac> time for the butter now
app> without butter
yello_maniac> oh no


app> i had this crazy idea for a website
yello_maniac> cool
app> disputing parties can bring theri drama to the site and have it settled in 'internet court'...other visitors are the judges
yello_maniac> interesting
app> kind of like the digg of internat drama
* yello_maniac smiles and nods....
Krishean> lol
app> put google ads all over it
Krishean> "km stands accused of high crimes against the internet, the sentence: death"
app> comment system for further drama
Krishean> lol dramasplosion
app> could be the next big thing
app> could make a fortune off just mx drama
yello_maniac> heh
app> and like that page on digg where you can se what is going on in real time...get to see internet drama in real time
app> people could become addicted to it
yello_maniac> ill stay away...
app> could be worse than myspace
yello_maniac> well i havent been infected by that
app> then i can sell it to google

tinjaw> app:
app> hahahahahahaha
app> that is very true..i do have a million & 1 websites
app> and if i check a folder from my old p3 i am likely to uncover a bunch i made & forgot about
tinjaw> Shhh, I'm memorizing "Classic things to say when stressed"
app> LOL
app> i had another idea for a site
app> woke up out of a semi-sound sleep with it
app> people on the internet seem to be addicted to drama...and many seem to create a ton of it
app> i'd like to make a digg-like site where people can post their edramas and others can vote on it
tinjaw> LOL
tinjaw> there is a script out there to make your own digg-like site
app> i know
app> and comments...drama about drama
app> i am just not sure what to call it yet
tinjaw> That's It. That's the title. Drama^2
tinjaw> Drama About Drama
app> sounds good