app> i had this crazy idea for a website
yello_maniac> cool
app> disputing parties can bring theri drama to the site and have it settled in 'internet court'...other visitors are the judges
yello_maniac> interesting
app> kind of like the digg of internat drama
* yello_maniac smiles and nods....
Krishean> lol
app> put google ads all over it
Krishean> "km stands accused of high crimes against the internet, the sentence: death"
app> comment system for further drama
Krishean> lol dramasplosion
app> could be the next big thing
app> could make a fortune off just mx drama
yello_maniac> heh
app> and like that page on digg where you can se what is going on in real time...get to see internet drama in real time
app> people could become addicted to it
yello_maniac> ill stay away...
app> could be worse than myspace
yello_maniac> well i havent been infected by that
app> then i can sell it to google

tinjaw> app: http://www.chaim.com/blog/2006/12/03/137/
app> hahahahahahaha
app> that is very true..i do have a million & 1 websites
app> and if i check a folder from my old p3 i am likely to uncover a bunch i made & forgot about
tinjaw> Shhh, I'm memorizing "Classic things to say when stressed"
app> LOL
app> i had another idea for a site
app> woke up out of a semi-sound sleep with it
app> people on the internet seem to be addicted to drama...and many seem to create a ton of it
app> i'd like to make a digg-like site where people can post their edramas and others can vote on it
tinjaw> LOL
tinjaw> there is a script out there to make your own digg-like site
app> i know
app> and comments...drama about drama
app> i am just not sure what to call it yet
tinjaw> That's It. That's the title. Drama^2
tinjaw> Drama About Drama
app> sounds good