Nuts & Nipples

Krishean> Package Contents:
Krishean> CPU Cooler
Krishean> Thermal Grease
Krishean> Backplate
Krishean> Fixing Nuts
Krishean> Nipples
Krishean> lol comes with nipples
MasoMenchi187> lol
yello_maniac> monkeys
MasoMenchi187> comes with nuts and nipples
yello_maniac> what a deal
Krishean> i think im going to end up getting something like that
app> just for the nipples?
yello_maniac> the nuts too
yello_maniac> and grease
Krishean> lol
Krishean> no
Krishean> low profile fan
MasoMenchi187> someone say grease? >_>
app> is that grease real butter
app> ?
yello_maniac> if only it were true
MasoMenchi187> is that a shot at my winmx nick? @ app
app> don't flatter yourself
MasoMenchi187> i wont
yello_maniac> lol he got toasted
yello_maniac> time for the butter now
app> without butter
yello_maniac> oh no