Geeky Psychology

tinjaw> Ken's new DC forum. DonationClinic.
mouser> :)
Ken`> lol
Ken`> yes
Ken`> plz donate
tinjaw> It's under the LGPL, Lesser General Psychology License
app> lol
Ken`> nothing about my psychology is lesser
app> very true
app> he is very good at what he does
Ken`> ty app
Ken`> wow
tinjaw> illness psychosis = new illness.mental(OCD)
Ken`> big ty app
Ken`> I like the idea of instantiation here since it can come and go
Ken`> very good tin
tinjaw> Ken.treat(psychosis)
Ken`> and now it's gone
Ken`> voila
tinjaw> for months in year: Ken.treat(psychosis)
Ken`> lol
tinjaw> if psychosis.state == cured: break
tinjaw> if psychosis.state == 2 * psychosis.beginState then Ken.bill = Ken.bill * 2
Ken`> it's making me sick to my stomach
app> keep going and you might have a NANY app for ken to release
Ken`> lol
app> more effective than my Smile Inducer 2007
tinjaw> if psychosis.treatmentTime >= time(YEAR) then Ken.refer(doctorX)
tinjaw> if psychosis.type in (typeX, typeY, typeZ) then {
Ken`> shit, I discharged 2 patients on thrusday
tinjaw> workload +=
tinjaw> Ken.article = possibility
Ken`> and 1 one week before that
Ken`> lol
tinjaw> = PhD
Ken`> numerous = Ken.article
tinjaw> for each item in Ken.posessions :
tinjaw> item.upgrade()
tinjaw> print Ken.getPosessions()
tinjaw> car
tinjaw> house
tinjaw> vacation house
tinjaw> boat
tinjaw> print Ken.getPossibilities(typeTVShow).asPercent
tinjaw> 74.76%
Ken`> Ken.Humility = Infinite
tinjaw> if Ken.whois(newPatient) == "Tinjaw"
tinjaw> then Ken.setState("freaked")
Ken`> yeah
tinjaw> Ken.practice.close()
Ken`> l
app> lol
Ken`> l
Ken`> ll
tinjaw> += far
tinjaw> += far++
tinjaw> while True do Ken.hide()
tinjaw> EOF
tinjaw> mouser: Can I use that as my N.A.N.Y. app?
Ken`> ok
Ken`> that was fun
Ken`> and very gractious
Ken`> Ken.GottaGo(Now)
Ken`> Bye.all
tinjaw> LOL
tinjaw> G'bye
* Ken` has quit (Quit: Ken exploded!)


Jacob said...

Heres an idea for an application that goes with aprils Smile Inducer, somewhat..

I call it the "Dennis Leary Psycologist"

The user inputs his emotions through code (syntax similar to what tinjaw displayed above)

The user then hits a big red button entitled "Diagnose Me!"

No matter the input, the program returns .. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"

hopefully somebody gets the reference :)