JoTo> morning all
app> hi joto
JoTo> huh? anderson+app where have you @ gone?
JoTo> morning app+anderson
* MouserBot gives channel operator status to app
app> i forgot to login
JoTo> ah i see
JoTo> now you are on the top of the nicklist where i ever search for you
JoTo> it is important for me that all is in order like always :-))
app> ocd much?
JoTo> ocd?
app> nevermind
JoTo> hey...now you made me curious :-)
JoTo> OCD???
JoTo> lol
app> obsessive compulsive disorder
JoTo> ok...i nevermind *LOL*

Sick Joke

(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> /redirect TSC[01];�app�103_32349 üüü The SourceCode üüü_1028EECD0109
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> fukkin fuck shit
!Hitchë®> damn u suck
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> teach her to send me to knots
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> but i cuxk too bad
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> suck even
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> /redirect TSC[01];�app�103_32349 üüü The SourceCode üüü_1028EECD0109
Topic: We begin again
Time to start over, do it slowly, and do it right!
Joins: TSC[01];�app�103_32349 (Unknown, 50 files) ()()
Invalid password. Login failed
Parts: Neo600_44778 (Stayed 27 minutes) ()()
Sabre'> Have be banned from your room for months and your bold enough to come in here April?
TSC[01];�app�> i was afk
TSC[01];�app�> this is someone's idea of a sick joke
TSC[01];�app�> redirected me here while i was asleep


>TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ looks @ nate
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> you there, nate?
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> I got a room for ya...
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> Squirt Piss Pee Urine & Scat_A68D3B521A2B
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> nate?
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> damn, it'd be more fun if he were here to see it
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> ill take scat for 200 please
>TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ holds off
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol uni
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> uni wants to be redirected to the scat room 200 times
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> sounds like a job for app
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> :D
TSC[01];�app�> lol


MacMatt> wb tinjaw - love that corporate connection, ey? ;)
tinjaw> argh
tinjaw> half my posts don't show up here and I get dropped
MacMatt> Do you have a BOFH administrating your network? ;)
tinjaw> worse a CLIT!
tinjaw> Clue Less IT person
MacMatt> tinjaw: got worried there! hehe :)
tinjaw> as opposed to a TWIT
tinjaw> Totally Worthless IT person
tinjaw> a TWIT is no good at anything, and knows it, and tries to do better, but can't because the suck
tinjaw> a CLIT thinks they know everything, but they don't, and everybody knows it except them.
tinjaw> TWITs often work for CLITs

divide by zero

Krishean> yello
yello_maniac> sup
Krishean> 1500=500*((1+x)^12)
Krishean> how does i found x?
Krishean> w/o a calculator
yello_maniac> 1500/500 = 3 = (1+x)^12
yello_maniac> 12th_root(3) = 1+x
yello_maniac> x = 12th_root(3)-1
yello_maniac> i believe
Krishean> ok, so divide by zero, use the force and, subtract 1?

criminally insane

PlasticYakuza> bah
PlasticYakuza> sick of the topic
* PlasticYakuza has changed the topic to: Welcome to Quack Experimental Chat Channel [AY] NOW GTFO
PlasticYakuza> better
Krishean> lol plastic
Krishean> "warning: may contain the criminally insane"
Menchi187> thats only you
Krishean> and every irish man in the universe
Krishean> and plastic
Krishean> and koma
Menchi187> touché
Krishean> and cai
Krishean> and maby bunnie
Krishean> if we keep calling her emo
Menchi187> and app
bUnNi3> O_o
Menchi187> because she is female and online
Menchi187> and from NJ
Krishean> she qualifies by just being from NJ

Two Old Men

TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> Two old men decide they are close to their last days and decide to have a last night on the town. After a few drinks, they end up at the local brothel. The madam takes one look at the two old geezers and whispers to her manager, "Go up to the first two bedrooms and put an inflated doll in each bed. These two are so old and drunk; I’m not wasting two of my girls on them. They won't know the difference
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> As they are walking home the first man says, “You know, I think my girl was dead!"
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> "Dead?" says his friend, "Why do you say that?
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> “Well, she never moved or made a sound all the time I was loving her.
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> His friend says, "Could be worse I think mine was a witch."
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> "A witch, why the hell would you says that?"
TSC[55]; ßôzânâ¤tTÞ¤> "Well, I was making love to her, kissing her on the neck and I gave her a little bite, then she farted and flew out the window."


teenprogrammer> gah
teenprogrammer> notepad three is so dumb right now
teenprogrammer> xD
teenprogrammer> I cant get this syntax highlighting correct :|
teenprogrammer> plus its not effecient
teenprogrammer> ah to heck with it
teenprogrammer> i will just download notepad 2
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> haha
DaemonCollector> notepad redux

Deleting Folders in Linux

teenprogrammer> how Do i freakin delete a folder in linux
teenprogrammer> its like
teenprogrammer> OMG! The folder has a FILE IN IT!?!?1
teenprogrammer> You must sacrifice a small goat to gain access to the command that can delete folders with CONTENTS
teenprogrammer> :|
DaemonCollector> haha
teenprogrammer> lol
teenprogrammer> its so true
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> i don't remebr the command
DaemonCollector> let me boot my ubuntu VM
DaemonCollector> i love VMWare :)
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> oh crap, i forgot the edgy upgrade fucked it
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> rm -r dirname
DaemonCollector> :)
teenprogrammer> ah
teenprogrammer> ya
DaemonCollector> -r sacrifices a small goat for you
teenprogrammer> xD
teenprogrammer> yay!
teenprogrammer> horray for the small goat ... and -r
DaemonCollector> i just submited the linux comment to Bash :)

Digg rocks?

mouser> holy cripers!!!
mouser> dina programming font hit 115 diggs over night
mouser> god damned
mouser> digg rocks
mouser> sorry
mouser> i mean dina
mouser> digg suxor