Sick Joke

(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> /redirect TSC[01];�app�103_32349 üüü The SourceCode üüü_1028EECD0109
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> fukkin fuck shit
!Hitchë®> damn u suck
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> teach her to send me to knots
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> but i cuxk too bad
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> suck even
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> /redirect TSC[01];�app�103_32349 üüü The SourceCode üüü_1028EECD0109
Topic: We begin again
Time to start over, do it slowly, and do it right!
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Sabre'> Have be banned from your room for months and your bold enough to come in here April?
TSC[01];�app�> i was afk
TSC[01];�app�> this is someone's idea of a sick joke
TSC[01];�app�> redirected me here while i was asleep


>TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ looks @ nate
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> you there, nate?
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> I got a room for ya...
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> Squirt Piss Pee Urine & Scat_A68D3B521A2B
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> nate?
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> damn, it'd be more fun if he were here to see it
(¯` .Unique. ´¯)©> ill take scat for 200 please
>TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ holds off
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> lol uni
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> uni wants to be redirected to the scat room 200 times
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> sounds like a job for app
TSC[30];�ߥtè.§ízèÐ.&.Pi§§èÐ> :D
TSC[01];�app�> lol