Reputable Dating Sites for Your Car

<mouser> so.. what other things are you guys recommening i have for my car?
<Deozaan> A girlfriend.
<mouser> cannot find on
<Deozaan> I mean get a girlfriend for your car.
<Deozaan> Get your car a girlfriend.
<mouser> ah i see
<mouser> why should it get one if i dont
<Deozaan> Don't be selfish.
<Deozaan> Besides, you can live spontaneously through your car's relationship.
<Deozaan> er.. not spontaneously
<mouser> and how much will this cost me
<Deozaan> I mean vicariously.
<Deozaan> Not spontaneously.
<w3bcrawler> i can already see it on craigslist.. 'well-maintained suzuki seeks love'
<mouser> good idea
<Deozaan> No. Don't use craigslist. That's just cars trying to have a one-night driveby.
<Deozaan> Go for more reputable sites like or
<mouser> :)
<mouser> ha
<mouser> i think you guys have come up with an idea..

It's a Rule: Mention Waffles and All Belgians In the Channel Have to Speak

<app> PSA: Never buy a person with OCD tendencies an electric waffle iron, unless you want to drive them over the edge.
<jns> app: explain?
<app> ever try to clean one of those?
<jns> hasn't been too bad with ours
<app> i have an electric one...can't dunk it in the sink to wash it...can't use any sort of soap on it because i can't rinse well enough to remove it all
<jns> ah
<app> so it has a gunky, greasy build up on it that I have to pretend doesn't exist and hope it won't kill my family or make us sick
<jns> get one where the iron part is removable
<app> stuff like this is why people have children
<app> hand them a toothbrush and make them carefully scrub it, not caring if it takes them 3+ hrs to do it
<jns> i'm pretty sure they make more mess than they clean :)
<app> perhaps that's why i was always the kid that was made to do tasks like that
<app> i already had ocd tendencies and was unlikely to make a mess
<app> of course raising a kid kind of almost guaranteed she'd turn out as obsessed with clean dishes & cookware as I am
<mouser> what conversation have i just walked into
<app> my comment about never buying an electric waffle iron for someone with ocd tendencies
<mouser> ah
<mouser> <app> so it has a gunky, greasy build up on it that I have to pretend doesn't exist and hope it won't kill my family or make us sick <-- given the heat they get up to i think you are safe
<app> daughter asked if she could borrow mine to make breakfast for her bf and his kid, and then I remembered why I don't use it more often
<app> yeah, that's one of the things I tell myself while I am failing at pretending it's not really there
<app> but the thought it's covered in old rancid grease still is very unappealing
<app> my daughter even asked me if it was ok to clean it with hand sanitizer
<app> she is most certainly my kid
<app> if she were more like her father, she would have said "what gunk? I see no gunk."
<mouser> well at least you got john to talk
<app> lol :)
<app> mention waffles and all belgians in the channel have to speak
<app> it's a rule
<mouser> :)