My kitchen is now a tardis!

<LaKraven> I changed the lights in my kitchen from Halogen bulbs to LED...
<LaKraven> now it's like the fabric of space-time has ruptured, resulting in my kitchen being 3 times larger
<LaKraven> it genuinely takes me more steps to get across my kitchen now
<LaKraven> My kitchen is now a tardis!
* LaKraven is now known as TheDoctor

Environmentally Friendly

<lanux128> i feel the dark side beckoning me each day
<lanux128> yesterday i momentarily stopped in front of an apple store
<lanux128> then i pretended to tie my shoelaces and walked away.. :D
<lanux128> true story that
<lanux128> oh, i left out one fact
<lanux128> i was wearing sandals btw
<Deozaan> Wearing sandals?
<Deozaan> Dirty hippy!
<lanux128> what you mean?
<lanux128> i took a bath last week!
<Deozaan> Relatively clean hippy!
<lanux128> save some water, man! :D
<Deozaan> I do that by only flushing the toilet once a week. ;)
* lanux128 thinks of way to out-do Deozaan
<lanux128> aha! i pee on my potted plants!
<lanux128> natural urea
<Deozaan> I save water by using the leftover water from your potted plants for my bath water!
<Deozaan> Naturally filtered by the soil. So it's clean. . . enough.
<lanux128> haha..
<lanux128> people do drink processed water, you know
<Deozaan> I don't drink it. I bathe in it.
<Deozaan> The plants can drink your urea. I'm not going to.
<Ehtyar> this
<lanux128> lol, i was reminded of the tbbt episode
<Ehtyar> is some SERIOUSLY disturbing conversation
<lanux128> what? this is environment-friendly discussion.. :D
<Deozaan> The earth is disturbed by your lack of environmental considerations!

"Vengeance is Mine," sayeth the Case Fan

<edvar[d]> this is weird
<edvar[d]> a wire has been hitting a case fan for about a month or so
* edvar[d] is too lazy to fix it
<edvar[d]> just a minute ago, i think the fan got fed up
<edvar[d]> i heard the the familiar 'ttzzzztzzzttzzz' of the wire hitting the fan
<edvar[d]> then
<edvar[d]> 'ttzzeeeerrrrccccht!'
<edvar[d]> and something spit out on the table
<edvar[d]> and the fan is no longer making noise
<edvar[d]> happily spinning
<edvar[d]> can't find the bit that was spit out
<edvar[d]> o_O
<edvar[d]> fan vengeance
<edvar[d]> fear it