"Vengeance is Mine," sayeth the Case Fan

<edvar[d]> this is weird
<edvar[d]> a wire has been hitting a case fan for about a month or so
* edvar[d] is too lazy to fix it
<edvar[d]> just a minute ago, i think the fan got fed up
<edvar[d]> i heard the the familiar 'ttzzzztzzzttzzz' of the wire hitting the fan
<edvar[d]> then
<edvar[d]> 'ttzzeeeerrrrccccht!'
<edvar[d]> and something spit out on the table
<edvar[d]> and the fan is no longer making noise
<edvar[d]> happily spinning
<edvar[d]> can't find the bit that was spit out
<edvar[d]> o_O
<edvar[d]> fan vengeance
<edvar[d]> fear it