Social Sharing Buttons: Now you see them, now you don't

<Metshrine> Mouser
<Metshrine> I hear the world is ending
<Metshrine> You added social media buttons to DC?!?!?
<mouser> DO NOT WANT
<mouser> stephen made me
<Metshrine> Welcome to the 21st century!
<Metshrine> Now move on to SMF 2.0 :-D
<Metshrine> You have exceeded Josh time on this one
<Metshrine> bwahahahaha
<app> of all the social buttons you could have added, you picked one of the most annoying?
<GamingPhoeni> where are these buttons?
<mouser> they are pretty, but annoying
<mouser> they are gone
<mouser> i couldnt keep them on any longer
<mouser> not after app told me to remove
<GamingPhoeni> I might have too if I wasn't gaming
<mouser> i try to do whatever stephen says to do
<GamingPhoeni> I hate those buttons
<mouser> but app overrides stephen
<mouser> :)
<GamingPhoeni> hehe
<GamingPhoeni> sudo remove buttons : )
<mouser> sorry steph, thats just the way the app crumbles
<mouser> we'll have to find some better buttons