NCIS:LA in the Real World

<DaynaGirl> I just realised... well may I realised before but didn't care enough to be vocal about it.
<DaynaGirl> in the tv series NCIS:LA almost every week they are shooting into and through crowds... could you imaging the news media?
<DaynaGirl> and the social media? Utube videos of 'semi secret' "agents" online shooting up their town and the fact the govt has no comment and who are these people?
<Stephen66> lol
<DaynaGirl> I can just imagine CNN standing outside the scene of a shooting, cameras in the hospital and outside the courts trying to imagine why nobody has been arrested yet...
<DaynaGirl> "Nothing to report here yet, but again here are the events so far"
<DaynaGirl> and of course utube would have blurry shakey movies from some guy who was filming his gf in her new lingerie and just happend to include the view through a window...
<DaynaGirl> and there would be endless circling of news and police choppers searching for something...ANYTHING to show to keep the circus running.
<DaynaGirl> and in LA there are a LOT (FUCKING HUGE NUMBER) of helicopters in the air at any time.
<DaynaGirl> and then would come the interviewing of witnesses....
<DaynaGirl> and weeks later someone would remind them of the last shooting and then we'd have to project that as a possible serial shooter. Is this gang related?
<DaynaGirl> hehe...
<Stephen66> lol

you can use the inflexion of their voice when they say "BRAAAAAINS" as a secondary authentication method

<Deozaan> Why doesn't the internet use public/private key authentication instead of passwords?
<Lashiec> because they're still working on that
<Deozaan> What do you mean?
<Lashiec> making it easy for everyone, I mean
<Deozaan> You can do that for e-mail, can't you?
<Lashiec> with something like this:
<Lashiec> PGP?
<Stephen66> biometrics would make life so much easie
<Stephen66> easier
<Deozaan> Not if you were undead!
<Deozaan> Because you know... undead don't have fingerprints...
<Deozaan> or retinas to scan
<Stephen66> why dont they have finger prints
<Deozaan> I dunno.
<Deozaan> For some reason I was thinking biometrics meant like having a pulse.
<Deozaan> But then I realized my mistake and so I started sarcastically making excuses as to why I was still correct.
<Stephen66> lol
<Lashiec> you can use the inflexion of their voice when they say "BRAAAAAINS" as a secondary authentication method
* Deozaan laughs.
<Stephen66> lol