Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it

Alternate title: Never ask a stupid question in a programming channel

<kiyoura> anyone actually gonna talk about C in here?
<Shahid> ok
<Shahid> you first
<Shahid> i'm trying to figure out ALSA and setting up full-duplex mode
<Shahid> it's annoying
<Polynomial> C is a great letter
<Polynomial> it's symmetrical in one way only
<Polynomial> both in capital and lowercase
<Polynomial> plus it's in a whole bunch of swear words
<Polynomial> like cunt, cock, dick, fuck, etc
<Polynomial> even etc has a C in it.
<Polynomial> it's so awesome, that it can take over for S sometimes too

zizzer zazzers

* ewemoa thanks omgplzstf again for the ed emberley recommendation -- another niece has been introduced to some of the books now :)
* mouser adds to thanks, i bought a book for my niece too
<mouser> i got the animals one
<omgplzstf> yw
<ewemoa> he he -- got the faces one and picture pie (though translations)
<ewemoa> see this way, the best is left for later ;)
<mouser> :)
<mouser> they all look good
<mouser> i can see kids LOVING these
<omgplzstf> oh i did...a lot
<mouser> i wish i had them maybe i could have drawn something other than zizzer-zazzers
<omgplzstf> lol
* ewemoa fails to get the dr. seuss reference w/o the net
<omgplzstf> poor were truly a deprived child
<mouser> actually i wasnts reffering to dr seus
<mouser> he must have stolen it from me
<mouser> zizzer zazzers were the name i gave to these books of drawing i did
<mouser> when i was in preschool
<mouser> basically its a random scribble
<mouser> looks like a ball of lines drawn by a dog
<omgplzstf> lol
* ewemoa thanks mouser for the explanation and asks for a demo :)
<mouser> and i would come up with stories for them
<mouser> they all looked the same
<ewemoa> isn't it show and tell time?
<mouser> like a broken spirograph
<ewemoa> a picture is worth a ... what was that again?