<Gothi[c]> AHAHHAhahahahahahahahahaha is fixed and up and running
<Gothi[c]> FUCK YOU PHP4
<Gothi[c]> in your face!
<Gothi[c]> sorry..
<Gothi[c]> :)
<wordzilla> will u be supporting the php program?
<Gothi[c]> yes but for a limited time
<Metshrine> no
<Metshrine> FUCK YOU GOTHI[C}4
<Metshrine> ;-)
* PHP4 has joined #donationcoder
* PHP4 has left #donationcoder
<Gothi[c]> damn php4
* Gothi[c] sets ban on PHP4!*@*.*
<wordzilla> lol
* PHP5 has joined #donationcoder
<PHP5> not man enough for me eh?
* PHP5 has left #donationcoder
<Gothi[c]> i like php5... :)
<Metshrine> :)
<Gothi[c]> php5 is waaaaay better than php4
<Gothi[c]> php5 could kick php4's ass any day

Shitty Keys

<hollow87> grr i need to make it so shift enter doesnt register the enter key
<hollow87> i always hit shit enter instead of shift '
<hollow87> lmao
<hollow87> shift*
<Martin_> that's an interesting way to type... funny really, as I too use waste for good, I piss on my alt keys while pressing enter to get fullscreen
<hollow87> lol
<Martin_> you know sticky keys?
<Martin_> there should be "shitty keys" too
<Martin_> for detecting when you type "shit", "lick" and other words of the nature
<hollow87> lmao yeah
<Martin_> and confirms you actually meant to type them, not "shift", or "luck"
<hollow87> or kick in aprils case of lick :-p
<Martin_> there's another for rentacoder
<Martin_> yup :)
<Martin_> shitty keys, it'll make you rich.
<app> lol
<Martin_> that's the slogan
<Martin_> it'll sell, I promise.
<Martin_> that's the EULA
<Martin_> I must be able to find someone who'll make it
<hollow87> wonderfuk :-p
<app> lol
<Martin_> exactly, it'd actually be useful for someone like me
<app> i could probably do it with ahk
<Martin_> it would specifically need to be called Shitty Keys, followed by a version number
<app> or we can ask skrommel to do it as a coding snack
<Martin_> with a BIG splash screen
<app> lol

The Magic Key

freon says (7:15 PM):
freon says (7:15 PM):
for some reason
freon says (7:15 PM):
I hit some key
freon says (7:15 PM):
and i start typing in japanese
freon says (7:15 PM):
or chinese
app says (7:15 PM):
app says (7:16 PM):
you figure out how to fix it?
freon says (7:16 PM):
歌又淤 取
freon says (7:16 PM):

New to IRC

* joblo has joined #bitme
<joblo> hi i am new to irc wot is there to do?
<eruhu> Talk.
<joblo> is that all? where's the porn at?
<eruhu> Try limewire.
<joblo> is everyone in this channel idling or are they asleep?
<eruhu> It's kind of early.  Where I am, at least.  I'd say sleeping.
* joblo has left #bitme


<Gunrunner_Gray> Who wants to look at something small for me?
<Gunrunner_Gray> I need to know if this is a good way to write a boss strategy or not.
<Shinigami-Sama> {&Gunrunner_Gray} Who wants to look at something small for me? <- penis?
<yello_maniac> looks like shin is voluntering
<Gunrunner_Gray> Funny!
<Gunrunner_Gray> I bet shin of all people would want to look at penises.
<yello_maniac> funny haha, or funny strange?
<Gunrunner_Gray> haha, mostly
<Shinigami-Sama> whats wrong with penis?
<Shinigami-Sama> what would you do if you woke up without one?
<yello_maniac> miss the toilet probably
<Shinigami-Sama> lol
<yello_maniac> haha
<yello_maniac> now why did you go and do that
<yello_maniac> milking this penis thing too much here
<Shinigami-Sama> oh
<Shinigami-Sama> safe search is on
<Gunrunner_Gray> lmao
<Shinigami-Sama> lame
<Shinigami-Sama> google sucks
<yello_maniac> lol so he did end up clicking it
<Shinigami-Sama> I click on almost anything
<yello_maniac> lol
<Shinigami-Sama> ..
<Shinigami-Sama> slug penis
<yello_maniac> im too lazy these days
<yello_maniac> wow thats special
<yello_maniac> Penis - The World Tour
<Shinigami-Sama> lol
<yello_maniac> im sure we could write a book series with just pictures of penises and it would sell well
<yello_maniac> penis magazine
<Shinigami-Sama> just put comments next to the penis
<yello_maniac> at least it would hit a niche market
<Shinigami-Sama> maybe a quote or two
<yello_maniac> yeah
* ermines has left #animeyakuza
<Shinigami-Sama> I'd buy it
<yello_maniac> "This strapping young platypus has a penis"
<Shinigami-Sama> and leave it on a bench
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> leave it open next to a bunch of guys
<yello_maniac> in a noticable spot
<yello_maniac> lol the first thing that person got to see was my comment
<yello_maniac> well second thing

You need exe fluid

<edvard> you are NOT going to believe this...
<edvard> our quickbooks was running slow
<edvard> eventually it crashed
<edvard> boss called quickbooks
<edvard> they told him the program had "wore out" and he just needed to replace it
<mouser> hahahahahahahaha
<mouser> hhahahahahhaahaha
<edvard> so he replaced it (for a minor upgrade fee)
<edvard> now it works faster than ever
<edvard> ?????
<mouser> heh
<edvard> how do you check the tread on a quickbooks install?
<edvard> :D
<mouser> hehehe
<edvard> should we be seeing "normal wear and tear" clauses in our EULA's?
<edvard> do bits start squeaking when they get past a certain amount of times executed?
<mouser> exactly
<mouser> but shhhh
<mouser> dont tell anyone
<edvard> hehe
<edvard> i'll start selling "bit lubricant" tomorrow
<edvard> Application crashing? You need new "Exe Fluid"!!
<edvard> Order yours today!!

Up or Down?

<FleshBug> man, I got in this elevator in vegas once...
<FleshBug> and these 2 guys are standing there
<FleshBug> and one looks at my nuts
<FleshBug> and the other says "you going up or down?"
<Shezmu> lmao
<FleshBug> (in an effeminate voice)
<hippywarrior> oh no.....................
<FleshBug> yeah, I was concerned at that point
<Shezmu> That is awesome, FleshBug
<FleshBug> yeah, it was cool
* FleshBug laughs
<hippywarrior> was there a panic button?
<Keim> shoulda asked which way he was going
<Keim> then said the opposite
<Shezmu> Brb. Almost class time.
<FleshBug> I found however, that a redneck voice tends to drive any advances off
<hippywarrior> cooool
<Shezmu> FleshBug: You going up or down?
<hippywarrior> i should be safe
* Shezmu runs off
<FleshBug> hah
* FleshBug thinks one of his dvd burners is about to croak
<hippywarrior> i was developing a fear of elevators
<hippywarrior> :)
<FleshBug> nah, you'll be ok.... UNLESS you get propositioned by a west virginian
<FleshBug> :)
<hippywarrior> lol
* hippywarrior runs from h1dd3n :D