Shitty Keys

<hollow87> grr i need to make it so shift enter doesnt register the enter key
<hollow87> i always hit shit enter instead of shift '
<hollow87> lmao
<hollow87> shift*
<Martin_> that's an interesting way to type... funny really, as I too use waste for good, I piss on my alt keys while pressing enter to get fullscreen
<hollow87> lol
<Martin_> you know sticky keys?
<Martin_> there should be "shitty keys" too
<Martin_> for detecting when you type "shit", "lick" and other words of the nature
<hollow87> lmao yeah
<Martin_> and confirms you actually meant to type them, not "shift", or "luck"
<hollow87> or kick in aprils case of lick :-p
<Martin_> there's another for rentacoder
<Martin_> yup :)
<Martin_> shitty keys, it'll make you rich.
<app> lol
<Martin_> that's the slogan
<Martin_> it'll sell, I promise.
<Martin_> that's the EULA
<Martin_> I must be able to find someone who'll make it
<hollow87> wonderfuk :-p
<app> lol
<Martin_> exactly, it'd actually be useful for someone like me
<app> i could probably do it with ahk
<Martin_> it would specifically need to be called Shitty Keys, followed by a version number
<app> or we can ask skrommel to do it as a coding snack
<Martin_> with a BIG splash screen
<app> lol