Like watching a lightbulb turn on in slow motion

<p-dub> fucking ups...
<Gunrunner_Gray> What were they supposed to deliver?
<Setsuna-Xero> pot
<p-dub> just a rug
<p-dub> usps is for pot
<p-dub> lol
<p-dub> packagew is 3 days late
<p-dub> I came home from work and waited from 4 to 6 and no show
<p-dub> come home to a slip on my door saying "we can't leave it without you signing off your approval to do so"
<p-dub> if I was here to sign my approval, you wouldn't have to just leave it...
<p-dub> and the "we will attempt again tomorrow at 12pm-8pm"
<p-dub> its like time warner is delivering the package...
<omgplzstfukthx> my father no longer has packages delivered to his home
<omgplzstfukthx> he has them delivered to me, because I am always here and can sign for them
<omgplzstfukthx> much more convenient than asking me to house sit for him, just to accept his deliveries
<p-dub> app, come house sit for me
<p-dub> feel free to smoke/eat pills, just don't forget and panic when someone knocks on the door
<omgplzstfukthx> send your packages here...i'll call you when they arrive and you can come pick them up at your convenience
<p-dub> just ship it to me when it arrives
<p-dub> errr...
<Setsuna-Xero> LOL
<omgplzstfukthx> like watching a lightbulb turn on in slow motion :-P
<Setsuna-Xero> I almost fell out of my chair laughing

ERROR: install more beer

<edvard> backup finally done
<edvard> now i can switch off server
<edvard> can't install a scorched3d server on it until i upgrade the distro version anyways
<edvard> aaaaand that's not gonna happen anytime soon
<Deozaan> But we need scorched3d!
<edvard> yes
<edvard> yes we do
<edvard> but my server is debian wheezy, which has the old version in the repos
<edvard> and the old server cannot server the new version client
<edvard> which is kinda dumb when you think about it
<edvard> but so it goes
<edvard> and i haven't found an easy way to install the new version on wheezy
<edvard> even tried compiling
<edvard> i got a funny error though
<edvard> in the .configure stage
<edvard> it looks for different libs to link to
<edvard> "looking for GTK+ ... found"
<edvard> things like that
<edvard> i got
<edvard> "looking for beer in lfridge ... not found"
<edvard> "ERROR: install more beer"
<edvard> :D