ERROR: install more beer

<edvard> backup finally done
<edvard> now i can switch off server
<edvard> can't install a scorched3d server on it until i upgrade the distro version anyways
<edvard> aaaaand that's not gonna happen anytime soon
<Deozaan> But we need scorched3d!
<edvard> yes
<edvard> yes we do
<edvard> but my server is debian wheezy, which has the old version in the repos
<edvard> and the old server cannot server the new version client
<edvard> which is kinda dumb when you think about it
<edvard> but so it goes
<edvard> and i haven't found an easy way to install the new version on wheezy
<edvard> even tried compiling
<edvard> i got a funny error though
<edvard> in the .configure stage
<edvard> it looks for different libs to link to
<edvard> "looking for GTK+ ... found"
<edvard> things like that
<edvard> i got
<edvard> "looking for beer in lfridge ... not found"
<edvard> "ERROR: install more beer"
<edvard> :D