Air Mistress?

<GLaDOS> My air mattress popped!
<Gothi[c]> Woah,.. huge misread there...
<Deozaan> His air mattress is a blow up doll.
<ewemoa> defecation?
<Gothi[c]> I misread that as saying your air mistress pooped
<ewemoa> lol
<GLaDOS> Well
<lanux128> you hv an air mattress?
<GLaDOS> she did too
<Deozaan> It didn't poop. It just had gas.
<GLaDOS> but that was because she was naughty
<GLaDOS> And yes
<GLaDOS> my air mattress
<GLaDOS> since I am away from home
<GLaDOS> been sleeping on a large queen air mattress
<GLaDOS> fuck
<GLaDOS> now i gotta buy a 3rd
<Deozaan> Go for a California King size.
<Gothi[c]> your air mistress pooped and now you need to buy a turd?
* Deozaan chuckles.
<Deozaan> a king size turd
<Gothi[c]> hahaha
<Della_Roo> air mattresses are fun
<Della_Roo> especially when not blown up all the way
<Della_Roo> you can jump on it and send Gothi[c] flyin across the room
<Della_Roo> boing
<Deozaan> I bet that leads to pooping and popping.
<Della_Roo> better then popping poop
<ewemoa> shields up
<Gothi[c]> if i fly too high i'll hit the fan and then shit will really go flying
<Deozaan> Ha ha ha
<lanux128> hahaha
<lanux128> when the shit hits the fan..
<lanux128> back
<ewemoa> wb
<Gothi[c]> front
<Deozaan> top
<hamradio> bottom
<Deozaan> Now we're back to poop.
<Gothi[c]> hahahaha

Spoiler: The end of the game of life is you die

<KrishA43> Spoiler: The end of the game of life is you die
<KrishA43> Sorry if I ruined the suprise for anyone
<lanux128> lol
<mouser> hopefully its a good cutscene at least
<mouser> with a teaser for a planned sequel
<KrishA43> Well its an unskippable cutscene
<lanux128> ugh, no sequels
<KrishA43> Can't ESC out of it either
<mouser> wtf
<mouser> sounds like poor programming
<KrishA43> They forgot to add customizable keybindings
<lanux128> more like removed the keybindings
<lanux128> you just watch through until the end
<lanux128> like a DVD's FBI warning screen
<KrishA43> Lol, unless you make a backup copy with all the PUO's removed
<Deozaan> THe worst part is that there's a quick time event.
<KrishA43> Then you just press the main menu button to skip all the bs
<lanux128> i wonder if anyone uses metapad but it's just been updated for windows 7
<Deozaan> I use Metapod.
<Deozaan> Until it evolves into Butterfree.
<KrishA43> Just make sure you return a value from the onbeforeunload event

Batshit Crazy Multi-millionaire Entrepreneur with a Love for Slides

<AbrahamLolicon> was drinking at work with the owner today
<AbrahamLolicon> if I wasn't getting drunk I would have been raging
<AbrahamLolicon> guy is my age and a multimillionare
<AbrahamLolicon> he wasn't trying to show off, but talking about his condo in austin, his house in orlando, another house in the netherlands, another one in houston
<AbrahamLolicon> talked to him about hawaii and he started thinking about getting a place there
<AbrahamLolicon> then he remembered the guy that owns godaddy lives there and he made this really sour face and change the subject
<AbrahamLolicon> which was the slides he is having installed into the new building we are moving to
<AbrahamLolicon> I'm not sure if he is a stoner or just batchit
<AbrahamLolicon> batshit
<AbrahamLolicon> but he had a design company come up with plans for having slides connect all the floors together
<AbrahamLolicon> they go out the windows along side the building and back in the windows on the next floor
<AbrahamLolicon> people are going to be able to see us from the beltway going down 8 story slides between floors

Spouting random words

<mouser> barely
<GLaDOS> barely what
<GLaDOS> mouser
<GLaDOS> you cant just enter the channel, after hours of inactivity
<GLaDOS> and spout a random word
<GLaDOS> it does not work
<Ehtyar> loool
<GLaDOS> That would be like me joining and just yelling MONKEYS!
<GLaDOS> granted, no one would bat an eye at me
<GLaDOS> but the point is still there
* GLaDOS scolds mouser

its a shitty website

<wOLF> BoT yikes
<BoT> &#3626;&#3623;&#3633;&#3626;&#3604;&#3637; bot
<wOLF> er
<lenny322000> wtf? lol
<wOLF> BoT wtf?
<BoT> like you
<wOLF> BoT do you like trivia?
<BoT> *brings you to hot tub*
<wOLF> lol
<Owler99> lol
<wOLF> randomly pulls from a website when you say its name
<lenny322000> i think that answers that
* wOLF on Madchild - Mental Explosion  » [00:01/05:46]
<wOLF> @Trivia-Bot APRILS Top 10 - #1: lenny322000 4613000 #2: DisComBoBuLaTeD 2154800 #3: Tiny 621000 #4: AboD 206325 #5: Javi 153975 #6: Sutekh 148450 #7: Clopec 106850 #8: Echo 81250 #9: Drisanna 79400 #10: tamana 51075
<BoT> sex it up
<wOLF> :\
<wOLF> DisComBoBuLaTeD is catching up lenny322000
<lenny322000> rofl thats only april;s month
<lenny322000> ing
<lenny322000> <@Trivia-Bot>  TOP 10 PLAYERS -  #1:  lenny322000 20296300  #2:  DisComBoBuLaTeD 9435925
<BoT> *leans in and lays head on shouldepr
<lenny322000> 20 million to 9 million, i win :P
<wOLF> damn
* wOLF on Madchild - Little Bad Wolf  » [00:01/05:27]
<wOLF> wtf kind of website are you pulling form BoT ?
<BoT> its a shitty website
<wOLF> lol
<wOLF> thats what i thought
<app> lol
<app> funny bot
<BoT> my names cassie .....

What's an mbp?

<freon848> *wants a mbp :(
<Stephen66> mbp?
<ewemoa> mac book pro?
<app> mother board pie?
<Stephen66> marjorly bloated prostate?
<Deozaan> megabit per question
<app> mop brush & pail?
<Stephen66> mostly blue penis?