Air Mistress?

<GLaDOS> My air mattress popped!
<Gothi[c]> Woah,.. huge misread there...
<Deozaan> His air mattress is a blow up doll.
<ewemoa> defecation?
<Gothi[c]> I misread that as saying your air mistress pooped
<ewemoa> lol
<GLaDOS> Well
<lanux128> you hv an air mattress?
<GLaDOS> she did too
<Deozaan> It didn't poop. It just had gas.
<GLaDOS> but that was because she was naughty
<GLaDOS> And yes
<GLaDOS> my air mattress
<GLaDOS> since I am away from home
<GLaDOS> been sleeping on a large queen air mattress
<GLaDOS> fuck
<GLaDOS> now i gotta buy a 3rd
<Deozaan> Go for a California King size.
<Gothi[c]> your air mistress pooped and now you need to buy a turd?
* Deozaan chuckles.
<Deozaan> a king size turd
<Gothi[c]> hahaha
<Della_Roo> air mattresses are fun
<Della_Roo> especially when not blown up all the way
<Della_Roo> you can jump on it and send Gothi[c] flyin across the room
<Della_Roo> boing
<Deozaan> I bet that leads to pooping and popping.
<Della_Roo> better then popping poop
<ewemoa> shields up
<Gothi[c]> if i fly too high i'll hit the fan and then shit will really go flying
<Deozaan> Ha ha ha
<lanux128> hahaha
<lanux128> when the shit hits the fan..
<lanux128> back
<ewemoa> wb
<Gothi[c]> front
<Deozaan> top
<hamradio> bottom
<Deozaan> Now we're back to poop.
<Gothi[c]> hahahaha