Batshit Crazy Multi-millionaire Entrepreneur with a Love for Slides

<AbrahamLolicon> was drinking at work with the owner today
<AbrahamLolicon> if I wasn't getting drunk I would have been raging
<AbrahamLolicon> guy is my age and a multimillionare
<AbrahamLolicon> he wasn't trying to show off, but talking about his condo in austin, his house in orlando, another house in the netherlands, another one in houston
<AbrahamLolicon> talked to him about hawaii and he started thinking about getting a place there
<AbrahamLolicon> then he remembered the guy that owns godaddy lives there and he made this really sour face and change the subject
<AbrahamLolicon> which was the slides he is having installed into the new building we are moving to
<AbrahamLolicon> I'm not sure if he is a stoner or just batchit
<AbrahamLolicon> batshit
<AbrahamLolicon> but he had a design company come up with plans for having slides connect all the floors together
<AbrahamLolicon> they go out the windows along side the building and back in the windows on the next floor
<AbrahamLolicon> people are going to be able to see us from the beltway going down 8 story slides between floors