You need exe fluid

<edvard> you are NOT going to believe this...
<edvard> our quickbooks was running slow
<edvard> eventually it crashed
<edvard> boss called quickbooks
<edvard> they told him the program had "wore out" and he just needed to replace it
<mouser> hahahahahahahaha
<mouser> hhahahahahhaahaha
<edvard> so he replaced it (for a minor upgrade fee)
<edvard> now it works faster than ever
<edvard> ?????
<mouser> heh
<edvard> how do you check the tread on a quickbooks install?
<edvard> :D
<mouser> hehehe
<edvard> should we be seeing "normal wear and tear" clauses in our EULA's?
<edvard> do bits start squeaking when they get past a certain amount of times executed?
<mouser> exactly
<mouser> but shhhh
<mouser> dont tell anyone
<edvard> hehe
<edvard> i'll start selling "bit lubricant" tomorrow
<edvard> Application crashing? You need new "Exe Fluid"!!
<edvard> Order yours today!!


Sam said...

Hahaha - great post!

Maybe Quickbooks has a timer on their software that makes it run slow after your first year is up.

I don't understand why they have a new version every year. Supposedly you're paying to have everything up to date, yet you pay for new tax tables on a subscription basis already. It seems to me like you're being double charged!

Deozaan said...

If his boss fell for that, then that's probably what they resorted to when they tried to explain the real problem and he just wasn't getting it.