Up or Down?

<FleshBug> man, I got in this elevator in vegas once...
<FleshBug> and these 2 guys are standing there
<FleshBug> and one looks at my nuts
<FleshBug> and the other says "you going up or down?"
<Shezmu> lmao
<FleshBug> (in an effeminate voice)
<hippywarrior> oh no.....................
<FleshBug> yeah, I was concerned at that point
<Shezmu> That is awesome, FleshBug
<FleshBug> yeah, it was cool
* FleshBug laughs
<hippywarrior> was there a panic button?
<Keim> shoulda asked which way he was going
<Keim> then said the opposite
<Shezmu> Brb. Almost class time.
<FleshBug> I found however, that a redneck voice tends to drive any advances off
<hippywarrior> cooool
<Shezmu> FleshBug: You going up or down?
<hippywarrior> i should be safe
* Shezmu runs off
<FleshBug> hah
* FleshBug thinks one of his dvd burners is about to croak
<hippywarrior> i was developing a fear of elevators
<hippywarrior> :)
<FleshBug> nah, you'll be ok.... UNLESS you get propositioned by a west virginian
<FleshBug> :)
<hippywarrior> lol
* hippywarrior runs from h1dd3n :D