Deleting Folders in Linux

teenprogrammer> how Do i freakin delete a folder in linux
teenprogrammer> its like
teenprogrammer> OMG! The folder has a FILE IN IT!?!?1
teenprogrammer> You must sacrifice a small goat to gain access to the command that can delete folders with CONTENTS
teenprogrammer> :|
DaemonCollector> haha
teenprogrammer> lol
teenprogrammer> its so true
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> i don't remebr the command
DaemonCollector> let me boot my ubuntu VM
DaemonCollector> i love VMWare :)
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> oh crap, i forgot the edgy upgrade fucked it
teenprogrammer> xD
DaemonCollector> rm -r dirname
DaemonCollector> :)
teenprogrammer> ah
teenprogrammer> ya
DaemonCollector> -r sacrifices a small goat for you
teenprogrammer> xD
teenprogrammer> yay!
teenprogrammer> horray for the small goat ... and -r
DaemonCollector> i just submited the linux comment to Bash :)