criminally insane

PlasticYakuza> bah
PlasticYakuza> sick of the topic
* PlasticYakuza has changed the topic to: Welcome to Quack Experimental Chat Channel [AY] NOW GTFO
PlasticYakuza> better
Krishean> lol plastic
Krishean> "warning: may contain the criminally insane"
Menchi187> thats only you
Krishean> and every irish man in the universe
Krishean> and plastic
Krishean> and koma
Menchi187> touché
Krishean> and cai
Krishean> and maby bunnie
Krishean> if we keep calling her emo
Menchi187> and app
bUnNi3> O_o
Menchi187> because she is female and online
Menchi187> and from NJ
Krishean> she qualifies by just being from NJ