Magic Carpet Ride

PlasticYakuza> arrgg
PlasticYakuza> my little brother wont shut up on aim about old carpet
PlasticYakuza> he wants me to take this old dirty carpet for some reason
Krishean> knock him out and roll him up in it
Krishean> then leave him in downtown orlando
Krishean> if all goes to plan, you'll never see him or the carpet again
Krishean> is it downtown orlando or downtown miami that is really bad...
PlasticYakuza> both
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> lol
Krishean> which is worse/closer
PlasticYakuza> mimai is probably worse
PlasticYakuza> orlando had an insane number of murders this year though
Krishean> drop him off in a back alley there then
PlasticYakuza> people getting beaten to death on the street and shit
Krishean> he probably won't get killed if he's rolled up naked in a carpet, but he'll learn never to bother you about a carpet again
Krishean> tape $20 to his ass with a note
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> "please call me a taxi"
PlasticYakuza> pft
PlasticYakuza> that $20 be gone in 5 minutes
Krishean> taped to his ass and rolled up in a carpet naked?
PlasticYakuza> that at least gone
Krishean> toss the carpet in a heap of trash in a back alley
Krishean> but not in a dumpster
Krishean> would be a pretty mean joke to play on someone
Krishean> especially if you had them shipped out to vegas
Krishean> or alaska
Krishean> or china
Krishean> or somewhere equally as random
PlasticYakuza> have to make sure the box stays in a pressurized section of the plane
Krishean> carpet*
PlasticYakuza> lol, what shipping place is going to accept a naked guy wrapped in a carpet??
Krishean> lol tell them its a prank
Krishean> im shure someone will have a sense of humor if you pay them enough
PlasticYakuza> lol
Krishean> drug him up to keep him out for 24 hours
Krishean> ship him somewhere with overnight shipping