Srikats and Meerkats

mouser> is a srikat like a mir cat?
anderson> u scared him away, lol
anderson> MOUSER!
mouser> because mir cats sure are cute
anderson> hi Gothi[c]
Gothi[c]> hi anderson
* srikat has joined #donationcoder
anderson> SRIKAT!
mouser> :)
mouser> anyone heard of a mir kat
mouser> or whatever they are called
tinjaw> meerkat
Ken`> yeah
mouser> there we go!
Ken`> why
mouser> i was wondering if a srikat was similar to a meerkat
Ken`> lol
Ken`> it seems unlikely to me
anderson> ty mouser
Ken`> did you check out the reef mouser
Ken`> and all it's nasties
mouser> yes those are scary suckers
mouser> thats why i do not like oceans
Ken`> no kid
mouser> humans were not meant to go in oceans
Ken`> lol
mouser> except on giant boats
Ken`> like the titanic?
Ken`> or poseidan?
tinjaw> Those are meerkats in the upper left
mouser> i think its time for me to reveal the truth about donationcoder
mouser> dc is run by a team of 14 meerkats
mouser> working around the clock
Ken`> can' wait
Ken`> lol
mouser> and paid a wage of spiders
Ken`> no wonder you were interested
mouser> rofl
mouser> srikat if you have a team of srikats at your command
mouser> i will hire them all
mouser> at 3 spiders per day
mouser> each
mouser> plus 1 bonus centipede per month
mouser> if they code well
anderson> lol
tinjaw> my tinjaw wolfpack will put them all to shame
tinjaw> The theme of my apartment is wolves.
tinjaw> I as an ESTP and as a Leo I identify with them, and birds of prey like hawks and eagles.
Ken`> I think you should just go blog my post Jesse
Ken`> and tin,
Ken`> well
Ken`> I just don't know
mouser> im going to blog it in a bit
Ken`> lol
mouser> ive got my eye on it dont worry :)
Ken`> ok
mouser> thx for posting
Ken`> LOL
Ken`> np boss
mouser> first i have to get it approved
mouser> by the head meerkat
Ken`> now, how bout sharing some of those spiders
mouser> nothing gets blogged without his approval
Ken`> I thought I was blog captain
mouser> thats what he told me to tell you
Ken`> I suppose he has a h
Ken`> rofl
Ken`> ok, you win
Ken`> I'll just watch