They Deleted My Pants!

yello_maniac> i haves my shirts but no pants
yello_maniac> a glitch in the matrix deleted my pants
yello_maniac> i kind of need my pants....
Cai> there are no pants
yello_maniac> heh
yello_maniac> guess i should get unplugged then..
Cai> yup
yello_maniac> well either way...i still lack pants
yello_maniac> hope they find the
yello_maniac> them*
PlasticYakuza> they lost your pants?
yello_maniac> seems so
yello_maniac> at least for the time being
yello_maniac> id like them back though cuz they cost a bit of $.....
PlasticYakuza> time to break some kneee caps
yello_maniac> perhaps if they dont find them by monday
yello_maniac> seems like they may not have been delivered from their main facility
yello_maniac> i do have shirts
yello_maniac> so i can go into convenience stores.....
yello_maniac> the signs dont seem to mention pants