Asking the IRC Master Race to Define What a Real Man Would Do

<edvard> contemplating changing the air filter in my car
<edvard> i dread this job
<edvard> volkswagen makes it next to impossible to remove things for access to the air filter space
<edvard> seriously, it fully sucks
<edvard> <sigh> i better do this before it gets dark
* edvard puts on his man-pants and nitrile gloves
<edvard> actually, a real man wouldn'
<edvard> t wear gloves
<edvard> to fix his car
<edvard> or would he?
<edvard> why am i asking?
<edvard> why am i asking you people?
<edvard> ...
<sj1k> :D
<sj1k> us people
<sj1k> you racist
<edvard> yeah, im a-talkin ta yous
<edvard> hehe, til irc chatters are a race
<sj1k> the glorious IRC race
<edvard> IRC master race
<sj1k> Well, not exactly
<edvard> screw those skype plebs
<edvard> facebook messenger inferiors
<sj1k> we're all pasty, probably some kind of diseased, small framed or fat nerds
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> like i said... a race
<sj1k> :P
<edvard> ok, time to get off my pasty, diseased, fat ass and go change an air filter
<edvard> :P
<sj1k> :D
<edvard> bbiab