JoTo's "software" has a glitch

* JoTo shrugs
<JoTo> baaaaaaaaah! i get upset again!
<JoTo> better talk about other topics
<JoTo> its my last day in office...from tomorrow on i have 3 weeks and 2 days vacation
<JoTo> hmmm...i talk to myself
<JoTo> are you?
<Gothi[c]> no you don't
<JoTo> thank you....very good and you?
<JoTo> hmmm...not so good as my mobile got broken
<JoTo> ah...really?
<JoTo> yes
<JoTo> thats bad
<JoTo> you said it!
<JoTo> hmmm
<JoTo> and now?
<app[9x]> but you are supposed to be talking about other things
<JoTo> go to repair center
<JoTo> ah thats good
<JoTo> what can i do if this shitty joto comes back to this topic
<JoTo> i am NOT shitty!
<JoTo> shut up
<JoTo> HEY!
<JoTo> i'll kick you
<JoTo> HA HA! you aren't op
<JoTo> oops
<JoTo> :-)
<JoTo> hey don't laugh at me
<JoTo> i don't
<JoTo> you do
<JoTo> arrrg
<JoTo> idiot
<JoTo> yourself one
<JoTo> mouser: kick this idiotic joto
<JoTo> please
<JoTo> no he won't do that
<JoTo> sure if i beg
<JoTo> dream on
<JoTo> :-(
<JoTo> then i'll ignore you
<JoTo> do it if you want
* JoTo ignores joto from now on
<JoTo> hiho
<JoTo> hello
<Gothi[c]> wtf
<JoTo> hmmm he really is ignoring me
<JoTo> i think i got crazy
<JoTo> nevermind me
<JoTo> hahahahah <- evilstrangelaughter
<JoTo> and no...i'am not on drugs or drunk
<JoTo> ok...back to normal state
<JoTo> restart again better.
<JoTo> ...
<JoTo> morning all
<JoTo> :-)