Parties, Match-making, and Female Coders

mouser> i wonder how many years before we can have a donationcoder reunion
mouser> 2? 3? 5? 10?
mouser> whats the earliest to do it and still be in good taste?
mouser> 3 maybe
bro_thr|S> mouser: there's always ONE good reason to party :D
mouser> beer?
bro_thr|S> mouser: "100000000 million seconds DC!"
mouser> heh
bro_thr|S> mouser: "the 13th full moon after DC's beginnig"
bro_thr|S> +n
bro_thr|S> etc. :D
* mouser gives channel operator status to bro_thr|S>
* bLaCk-eye wonders if he can get a good party idea will he get op? :D
mouser> you can try :)
bLaCk-eye> lo guys
mouser> all party ideas become sole property of mouser
mouser> copyright 2006
mouser> tm and (R)
mouser> hi bLaCk-eye
bLaCk-eye> mouser: 1.000.000 registered users on forum ? :D
mouser> gonna be a long time before we hit that
bLaCk-eye> 1.000.000 subscribers to the letter
bro_thr|S> lol
mouser> same thing
bLaCk-eye> DC's founder, mouser getting married (:
mouser> hehehe
mouser> great one
bLaCk-eye> ;-)
mouser> that could be never though
mouser> miight be too long to wait
mouser> i should post name and address of my hearts true love
mouser> and first person to convince her to fall in love with me
bLaCk-eye> hey
mouser> gets some prize
bLaCk-eye> you shoould do something
bLaCk-eye> olike
bLaCk-eye> coders love coders
bLaCk-eye> dates for coders with opossite sex coders :D
bro_thr|S> lol @ mouser
bLaCk-eye> LOL
mouser> hehehe
mouser> coder dating service
mouser> 1 woman for every 10,000 men
bLaCk-eye> yeah
bLaCk-eye> ;-)
mouser> i think it would be easier to match up
mouser> men coders with women who need some custom coding done :)
bLaCk-eye> :D
bro_thr|S> haha!
mouser> ive known some women coders
mouser> they will break your heart before you know what hit you
bro_thr|S> mouser: huh? :)
bLaCk-eye> lol
bLaCk-eye> :D
mouser> they are all messed up from all the attention they get i think
bro_thr|S> mouser: you mean break your code?
mouser> both
mouser> hehehe
bro_thr|S> hehe
mouser> break your heart and break your code
bro_thr|S> :-x
bro_thr|S> bad..
bLaCk-eye> OMG
bLaCk-eye> Women coders insert bugs in your code
bLaCk-eye> :D