Laydie Witch vs KungFooFairy

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> Welcome Laydie ¤ Witch . If you need Help, just ask.
kungfoofairy > hola witchiepooh
Laydie ¤ Witch > who the fuck are you?
kungfoofairy > I am myself.
kungfoofairy > I think.
Laydie ¤ Witch > if you were yourself, why would you need to think about it?
kungfoofairy > err, ok... Hi, I'm kungfoofairy. Nice to meet you.
kungfoofairy > all better?
Laydie ¤ Witch > hi im your superior, you are my peasant and toy in this playground
kungfoofairy > ok
Laydie ¤ Witch > good
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you a chinese tittybag?
kungfoofairy > kinky
Kayleigh> park away :)
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > why have you named yourself 'Kungfoofairy'?
Laydie ¤ Witch > Kungfoo originated from China, you know that right?
kungfoofairy > kungfu did, not kungfoo
Laydie ¤ Witch > yeah that
kungfoofairy > kungfoo is the art of badass programming skills
Laydie ¤ Witch > so you are a chink?
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > you are a female too?
kungfoofairy > no
Laydie ¤ Witch > hahahaha a male fairy
kungfoofairy > I just like to pretend to be gay.
kungfoofairy > I'm good at it.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes
Laydie ¤ Witch > i can tell
kungfoofairy > ty
Laydie ¤ Witch > why are you saying thank you?
Laydie ¤ Witch > I wasnt complimenting you
kungfoofairy > In my mind you were.
kungfoofairy > Which is good enough for me.
Laydie ¤ Witch > in your mind you are retarded
kungfoofairy > sometimes
Laydie ¤ Witch > all the time*
Laydie ¤ Witch > infinitely*
Laydie ¤ Witch > definitely*
kungfoofairy > Are you always this hostile to strangers, or just on the internet?
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you always this faggish to strangers? or just on the corner of fag street?
kungfoofairy > always
Laydie ¤ Witch > thought so
TSC[01]; app> witch: if you are trying to ruffle foo's feathers, don't bother...very difficult (if not next to impossible) to do
kungfoofairy > Shh, you'll ruin my fun app ;)
Laydie ¤ Witch > app, im sorry, was i addressing you at all?
kungfoofairy > oh boy... here we go
TSC[01]; app> but it's fun to watch you try :-P
Laydie ¤ Witch > try what?
Laydie ¤ Witch > am i not able to converse with anyone?
TSC[01]; app> being your usual bitchy self
Laydie ¤ Witch > bitchy? im not being bitchy, i am just being me : )
Laydie ¤ Witch > you are the only one that seems to be getting ruffled by me.
Laydie ¤ Witch > so shush
TSC[01]; app> lol
kungfoofairy > So you're just a bitch in general? ;)
TSC[01]; app> i am not ruffled...i am laughing
TSC[01]; app> you amuse me
Laydie ¤ Witch > so you are just a fag in general? ;)
kungfoofairy > The internets is a funny thing indeed.
Laydie ¤ Witch > im glad, app
Laydie ¤ Witch > now shush
kungfoofairy > I already answered that witchy.
kungfoofairy > pay attention
TSC[01]; app> if you want me to shush, take it to pm's
Laydie ¤ Witch > no you said you act like a fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > theres a difference
kungfoofairy > my bad
Laydie ¤ Witch > i asked if you are a fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > like chiefy wiefy
Laydie ¤ Witch > like a man who fucks another man
Laydie ¤ Witch > you know
kungfoofairy > If you were a man I'd fuck you.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes that explains it
Knot4Prophet > even if it was a street bum?
Knot4Prophet > a transient
kungfoofairy > especially
Knot4Prophet > herpes ridden?
Knot4Prophet > oozing sores?
kungfoofairy > street bums with internet access rox0r
Knot4Prophet > would u rub them on ur face, the pus ridden sores
kungfoofairy > Who says I don't already have those knot?
TSC[01]; app> are probably turning him on
Knot4Prophet > i'm just wondering
Laydie ¤ Witch > kungfoo, do you wear dresses?
kungfoofairy > I wear kilts.
kungfoofairy > Close enough?
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh a scottish fag
kungfoofairy > aye
Laydie ¤ Witch > could you make your accent anymore retarded
kungfoofairy > I could try, no guarantees though.
>¤LVHC¤ Aston sits down and watches the show
Laydie ¤ Witch > fag voice mixed with scottish accent would be gross
kungfoofairy > The ladies seem to like it.
kungfoofairy > To bad I'm gay.
>TSC[01]; app passes aston the popcorn
kungfoofairy > *too
Laydie ¤ Witch > are you schizophrenic?
kungfoofairy > Not anymore.
kungfoofairy > When I was younger, but I got better.
Laydie ¤ Witch > once a schizophrenic, always a schizophrenic
Laydie ¤ Witch > you mental fag
Laydie ¤ Witch > have you ever fantasized about fucking chiefy wiefy?
Laydie ¤ Witch > i bet you have
kungfoofairy > hehe, I don't need to fantasize about it.
Laydie ¤ Witch > most the fags in here, have
Laydie ¤ Witch > you fuck chiefy wiefy?
kungfoofairy > You really raise my faith in humanity. Thank you.
kungfoofairy > My other personality does.
Laydie ¤ Witch > that would explain him saying you had genital warts
kungfoofairy > I think he meant genital farts.
kungfoofairy > I have those a lot.
Laydie ¤ Witch > you think too much
kungfoofairy > I'm lactose intolerant.
kungfoofairy > I know.
kungfoofairy > I was born that way.
Laydie ¤ Witch > lactose intolerant? you sure its not aids?
kungfoofairy > probably both
kungfoofairy > does AIDS give you gas?
Laydie ¤ Witch > dont know, im asking you
kungfoofairy > Shit, don't ask me. I'm the retard remember?
Laydie ¤ Witch > shit dont ask me to remember, you're the one that said 'probably both' remember
Laydie ¤ Witch > ?
Laydie ¤ Witch > or you wouldnt know?
kungfoofairy > No, I don't. I have bad short term memory.
kungfoofairy > must be the aids
Laydie ¤ Witch > you ever thought about having your ass probed by a doctor?
Laydie ¤ Witch > just in case
kungfoofairy > The aliens already do that.
Laydie ¤ Witch > oh yes they would be the plejaren race, huh?
kungfoofairy > I think they're looking for food.
kungfoofairy > They never told me who they are.
Laydie ¤ Witch > there you go with 'i think' again
kungfoofairy > *I believe
Laydie ¤ Witch > good faith you have going for you
kungfoofairy > aye
Laydie ¤ Witch > could you not say 'aye' please
kungfoofairy > nay
kungfoofairy > I have faith in my genitals above all else.
Laydie ¤ Witch > yes please do cease, because it just does not suit you
Laydie ¤ Witch > only straight men say 'aye'
kungfoofairy > genetalia > jesus/mohammed/buddha/etc
>`R®ß´Çòmppróß Game&Vids>> aye?
kungfoofairy > Well, when I say 'aye' I'm just pretending to be straight to confuse people.
Laydie ¤ Witch > including yourself
kungfoofairy > aye
>`R®ß´Çòmppróß Game&Vids>> god damn fairies
kungfoofairy > :D
TSC[01]; app> or it could be the pirate in him
Laydie ¤ Witch > ill be back soon, i have to put my son to sleep
kungfoofairy > Arrr.