CaSe MaTtErS, In GeRmAn

<JoTo> upper/lowercase can be very important in german
<JoTo> take the following to sentences:
<JoTo> Helft den armen Vögeln
<JoTo> Helft den Armen vögeln
<JoTo> you see the difference in upper/lowercase?
<JoTo> only one character...but...the meaning of the sentence change dramatically
<lanux128> yes, what's the difference?
<JoTo> First version means: Help the poor birds
<JoTo> second: help the poor to have intercourse
<JoTo> not kidding
<JoTo> Vögeln = Noun, 4.Fall accusative
<JoTo> vögeln = verb, coll. having intercourse
<JoTo> LOL
<lanux128> LOL..
<JoTo> not kidding...for sure
<JoTo> but dont let you confuse from that...thats only rare special cases