C++ is Comparable to...

<prohacker69> hey
<prohacker69> the css hack isn't working for me
<Misao-chan> This isn't a hack channel, get the fuck out you stupid troll.
<prohacker69> is anyone here?
<Shahid> synchronised(mutex) { ... } :)
<Shahid> just wraps it in a pthread_mutex_lock/unlock but i like the syntax
<Misao-chan> You should set +R
<Misao-chan> >.>
<Shahid> maybe, but it's not a problem atm, unless cn28h thinks so
<Shahid> hardly anyone interested in C, i bet c++ is active
<C-o-r-E> #c++ we mainly talk about tentacle rape
<C-o-r-E> which is very much the style of the language
<Misao-chan> C++ is only semi-active <.<
<Misao-chan> Also, if programming in C++ is comparable to tentacle rape, then I wish I were a female anime character (IRC handle notwithstanding)