Getting your wireless to work with Linux

<_Ehtyar> wow
<_Ehtyar> linux is just plain embarassing when it comes to wireless
<_Ehtyar> go compile this driver
<_Ehtyar> now add this to this config and reboot
<_Ehtyar> that didn't work?
<_Ehtyar> ok, add this to that config file
<_Ehtyar> oh and your 32 character network key needs to be written in hex
<_Ehtyar> oh that didn't work? try prefixing the string with s:
<_Ehtyar> no good?
<_Ehtyar> ok, add this config to that file and reboot
<_Ehtyar> oh no wait, install this package and recompile/reinstall that driver
<_Ehtyar> now download this package and run it
<_Ehtyar> (hello dipshit, i have no internet)
<_Ehtyar> *sigh*
<_Ehtyar> *give up*
<_Ehtyar> </rant>
<_Ehtyar> i was actually pretty impressed up until that point
<_Ehtyar> ubuntu isn't half bad
<_Ehtyar> debian...*shudder*