Ejectile Dysfunction

<Deozaan> About 3 weeks ago my brother called me to tell me he had ED.
<Deozaan> Rather, his Wii had ED.
<Deozaan> (Ejectile Dysfunction)
<Deozaan> It wouldn't eject the disc that was in the Wii.
<Deozaan> So he called Nintendo and they said he should ship it in to get it repaired.
<Deozaan> But that would have cost something like $90 or so.
<Deozaan> So he found a triwing screwdriver on DealExtreme and bought it so he could take it apart himself and see if he could fix it himself.
<mouser> WTF
<mouser> scammers
<Deozaan> And it took about a week and a half to arrive.
<Deozaan> His Wii is out of warranty, so no scam.
<Deozaan> Anyway
<Deozaan> He decided to wait for me so we could take it apart together and try to figure out what was wrong with it.
<Deozaan> So I finally had a chance to go there last night.
<Deozaan> We probably spent about 30-45 minutes figuring out how to take the side panel off, finding all the hidden screws and things.
<Deozaan> And we open it up and look at it.
<Deozaan> And it immediately became apparent as to why it wouldn't eject the disc.
<Deozaan> Because there was no disc in it.
<Deozaan> So he had thought his Wii was broken and unplayable for about 3 weeks because he thought it wouldn't eject a disc but there was no disc in it and he never attempted to put another disc in it all that time.