Why is nobody ever interested in my ideas?

<Krishean> why is nobody ever interested in my ideas
<bv> 'cause you're not paid enough for people to care what you think
<app> so what is your idea?
<Krishean> lol making horrible things in javascript
<Krishean> like combining several javascript engines to compile javascript to native exe
<Krishean> exe's*
<Krishean> and making an extension to javascript that lets you specify sections of assembly code to be compiled
<Krishean> then rewriting the whole thing in javascript and make it compile itself
<app> LOL
<Krishean> don't lol its one of the things i want to do
<app> i don't think anyone on the forum has requested that as a coding snack
<Krishean> its just a monstorous amount of work
<Krishean> i don't think that would be classified as a coding snack
<Krishean> it would pretty much writing a new javascript engine
<app> right


Internet Strategist said...

If you know anyone who is interested in making things that work in FireFox or under Ubuntu (or maybe Windows stuff will work using Wine..Wine makes some Windows apps run in Ubuntu) I have a lot of ideas for things I would use daily.

We could develop them and I could promote them online so you/they could sell them. There are things I need to do that others would want if they knew they existed.

App said...

If you have small requests, that you would love to see made and released as freeware/donationware, you can always post them over on DonationCoder's coding snacks section of the forum.

Someone might just volunteer to make them.

But mind you that the community will get involved in making suggestions and requests for features, so what you have in mind might just evolve into something even more useful than you had originally thought.

Just make sure that you mention that it needs to run on Ubuntu or WINE. (that way you don't end up with an AHK script that might not)