<[e]dvard> now
<[e]dvard> im not the least bit racist
<[e]dvard> but
<[e]dvard> damn
<[e]dvard> comments there make me want to repeatedly smack something gelatinous
<w3bcrawler> a giant tub of jell-o?
<[e]dvard> i think i'd get an immense amount of satisfaction taking a pizza peel to a 2x2x2 cube of ballistic gel
<[e]dvard> a SOLID MAPLE pizza peel
<[e]dvard> sssssMACKKKKK!!!
<[e]dvard> *schlorp*
<[e]dvard> hehe... sssssMACKKKKK!!
<[e]dvard> *schlup*
<[e]dvard> <giggle> SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK!!
<[e]dvard> "I don't want to live in this kind of world. There's some guy out there forcing black babies to use racist emojis and that needs to stop."
<[e]dvard> smACK!!