Album Art

<Deozaan> ARGH MY EYES!
<Stephen67> put your top back on and stop looking in the mirror
<Deozaan> It's worse than that.
<Stephen67> omg put some pants on
<Deozaan> Worse than even that!
<Stephen67> omg Josh has no pants on?
<Deozaan> I don't think it can get any worse than that.
<Stephen67> lol
<Deozaan> I'm going through my music collection in Subsonic, making sure I have all the corresponding album art.
<Stephen67> Why u using Subsonic?
<Deozaan> It's awesome because it basically does a Google Images Search with the artist and album names and you click on the one you want to use for album art.
<Stephen67> nice
<Deozaan> Well, VAST has an album called Nude
<Deozaan> and somehow it for some reason it used VAST's main guy, Jon Crosby, instead of the band name.
<Deozaan> So I just did a google image search for "Jon Crosby Nude" :(
<Deozaan> Thankfully it seems to default to SafeSearch on. :)
<Stephen67> lol