What's faster?

<lanux128> go torrent your porn like a man! :P
<worstje> I hate torrenting porn.
<lanux128> yeah, local video shops are faster
<Deozaan> local women are faster ?
<lanux128> plus you might get to hook-up with other patrons
<lanux128> lol
<Deozaan> Or men, if you're into them.
<worstje> Self service is even faster, but let's carry on from there.
<lanux128> or both, if you're into that
<lanux128> :D
<Deozaan> lets just stop there before this escalates.
<Deozaan> Self service is illegal in some states. They say it's because it puts people out of a job.
<Deozaan> But that's the gasoline industry.
<Deozaan> Or is it?!