<GLaDDOS> does anyone else grow tired of "Achievements" in games?
<p3lb0x> Nope
<p3lb0x> I love achievements
<GLaDDOS> it seems that foamy does
<p3lb0x> Especially if you get something for doing them
<mouser> i hate achievements too
<p3lb0x> I do agree with that video
<p3lb0x> Achievements for doing nothing is retarded
<p3lb0x> But shit like getting a triple headshot with one bullet is pretty entertaining
<GLaDDOS> heh
<GLaDDOS> Defense grid took achievements too far
<p3lb0x> Oh?
<GLaDDOS> I hate getting achievements for doing something I would have done, or was required to do to progress in the game, anyways
<p3lb0x> Yeah
<p3lb0x> That's dumb
<GLaDDOS> "You picked up the orange portal device. ACHIEVEMENT"
<GLaDDOS> Achievements should be just that...ACHIEVEMENTS
<p3lb0x> But as I said, stuff like jumping building and kill three people before landing
<GLaDDOS> "You made it through level 1, ACHIEVEMENT!"
<p3lb0x> *jumping off a
<GLaDDOS> "You uninstalled all software, ACHIEVEMENT!"
* GLaDDOS ducks
<p3lb0x> More like
<p3lb0x> "You uninstalled all the trial crapware on your new lap top, ACHIEVEMENT"
<p3lb0x> *laptop
<GLaDDOS> "You successfully ate a salad instead of pizza during a coding streak, ACHIEVEMENT!"
<Lashiec> ^more like, STUPIDITY!
<GLaDDOS> Mousey should make the "Healthy coders diet" badge
<GLaDDOS> For coders who take the time to make a healthy meal/snack during coding rather than resorting to hot pockets
<p3lb0x> Hot pockets don't exist in denmark
<mouser> josh tricked me:(....
<Krishean> ?
<Krishean> also: you just ate a hot pocket, ACHIEVEMENT!
* Krishean powered by hot pockets and:
<Lashiec> Jesus Christ >_<
<Lashiec> somebody makes Krish a proper meal
<p3lb0x> Krishean, needs more THC
<Krishean> lol
<Krishean> once every few weeks i visit my parents and get a proper meal, but other than that i fucking love hot pockets
<Lashiec> lmao
<Krishean> now that i am done with my cosmic brownie, im goona go have a hot pocket...