New Google Products

<Deozaan> Well, now that I'm finished with that for my wife I can go to bed.
<Deozaan> Nytol!
<app> gnite
<Deozaan> Haha I just had a funny thought.
<Deozaan> Google gets into the pharmacy business and makes a sleeping aid called Gnite.
<Deozaan> Well Ithought it was funny.
<app> don't forget their own brand of coffee called Gmornin
<Deozaan> haha
<Deozaan> And antidepressant called Gday
<app> nah...that's what they market the coffee as in AU
<Deozaan> Antidepressant in the US, coffee in AU
<app> comes with ads on the bottle
<Deozaan> Enhanced male virility: Gmate
<Deozaan> or Gspot :-O!
<Deozaan> Okay time to end that line of thought.
<app> let's hope they don't get into the twine business...Gstring
<Deozaan> Ha!
<Deozaan> Okay really nytol