An Alternative to Session Cookies

<app103> if you wanted to track a website visitor from page to page, other than session cookies, what other method could you use?
<Vurbal> app: I'd go to his house and stand over his shoulder staring at the screen focusing my disturbing blank expression that makes adult cross the street and stops small children in their tracks too scared to make a sound while reliving their worst nightmares and try hard not to piss their pants
<Vurbal> for some reason people tell me that's creepy though so I might not
<app103> lol
<app103> I get the impression that you would be a lot of fun to work with. We might not get much accomplished, but we'd have a lot of fun while doing it.
<Vurbal> i think you're right - it would be fun all the way up to the minute we both got fired