* Squasige will be getting laid in 4 minutes
* Squasige cackles
DaynaGirl> Squasige: *laugh* she delivers?
Squasige> lol
ootje> fleshlight
DaynaGirl> Squasige: if I were getting laid... I wouldn't be here bragging.
Blade^> its always nice when you hire them to have them turn up punctually
Squasige> she's in the bathroom
Squasige> just waiting =]
ootje> waiting for the viagra to help you?
DaynaGirl> Squasige: so shouldn't you be tidying up?
Squasige> u guys are so funny :)
ootje> `hehe
Squasige> DaynaGirl all spotless :)
app> Squasige: and the only thing you can think about is bragging on irc?
DaynaGirl> Squasige: picking up your underwear and socks.... or soemthing?
* Squasige neatly places his lube
Squasige> lol
Squasige> actually
Squasige> loads of undies and sox
Squasige> she doesnt care
Squasige> moohah
Blade^> lube?
Blade^> ahh
Blade^> so its a she-male
Blade^> whatever floats your boat
app> lol
Blade^> :)
Squasige> lube is always essential
Blade^> just as long as she isn't too expensive
Blade^> make sure you get value for money
Squasige> hah hah, side splitting humour
Squasige> as always!
DaynaGirl> musta paid a fortune if she's willing to overlook the undies and socks.
Squasige> brb
Squasige> :)
* Squasige has quit ()
Blade^> brb?
Blade^> oh
moonlord> haha
Blade^> it won't take long
DaynaGirl> he's coming back!!!
ootje> haha
DaynaGirl> oh gawd.
ootje> that was revealing :P
Mag69> ewww
Mag69> DaynaGirl: almost there?
msocorcim> nice when you can find a contractor willing to take on small jobs
Blade^> heh
Mag69> so hookers are contractors now?
msocorcim> considering there's a fair chance they've contracted something...
Mag69> wonder if any have yearly membership discounts
Mag69> msocorcim: hahaha
Blade^> i wonder if they do group discount
Blade^> "We accept coach parties"
Mag69> Blade^: i would guess in that case they charge more :)
Blade^> no no it should get cheaper
Mag69> more wear and tear on the equipment in groups :)
Blade^> economies of scale