Lamer went down to Vegas (typical day in Las vegas Hackers Club)

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feuf383> oi
feuf383> i need to ask a question
feuf383> oi
feuf383> hello
feuf383> oi
feuf383> oi
feuf383> oi tlk to me
DiOne984> speak freely
feuf383> ok
feuf383> is there anyway to hack msn paswords
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> you go in the msn home page
DiOne984> and call to administrator the new password
feuf383> what u mean
feuf383> what?
feuf383> could u get a password for me
feuf383> ?
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> your password?
feuf383> no
feuf383> i wanna get my girlfriends password
DiOne984> it's illegal
feuf383> is there anyway i can get it?
DiOne984> y but it's illegal
DiOne984> in italy u get 1-4 years of gail
feuf383> yea but i want it
feuf383> can u do it for me
feuf383> can u do it
feuf383> ??
DiOne984> jail*
DiOne984> y i have np to make in the next 4 years
DiOne984> i can go in jail for u
feuf383> oi
DiOne984> give me the mail account
feuf383> well tell me how to do it
feuf383> i want to hack
DiOne984> poor girl
feuf383> can u do it
DiOne984> there are some difference from Hacker and Lamer
feuf383> no she made a bet wit me i couldnt do it lol
feuf383> lamer?
DiOne984> hacker know the metods
DiOne984> lamer use this metods
feuf383> ok
feuf383> so can u get ehr password?
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> y
DiOne984> I can but I do not make it
feuf383> plz
feuf383> what u mean i do not make it
feuf383> ?
DiOne984> i don't make it
feuf383> wht
feuf383> can u get em that password?
DiOne984> i don't get the pass for u
feuf383> y cant u
feuf383> oi i dont know what ya saying
feuf383> oi she wont dob u in bro she dared me to try to hack it
feuf383> so she wont care
feuf383> ill keep pass the same
feuf383> ok
feuf383> u tehre
�¤LVHC¤�§¶(ÔÒ)KÝMÄÑ.ÊXÉ�555> i think the answer is he can but wont
feuf383> come on plz shes letting me
feuf383> do u know how to do it
feuf383> shes sitten behind me she dont believe yous can do it
feuf383> ..
feuf383> plz
feuf383> shes laughing atm e
feuf383> plz
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feuf383> oi
feuf383> hello im his gurlfriend
feuf383> really i just need to hack into my account cause mi barsted ex done it
feuf383> and i was kinda hoping you guys could help me out=)
feuf383> can anyone help?
feuf383> pwitty plz
feuf383> dio
sdns>insane>303> feuf stop
feuf383> pardon:'(
feuf383> anyone:'(
feuf383> no one
feuf383> yous are a good room
feuf383> ..
feuf383> fuck yous
feuf383> i need help
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