Translator Boomerang

mouser> have you tried my latest google translator app?
mouser> boomerang i mean
app> that will answer your question :-D
mouser> hahaha
mouser> hahahahaha
mouser> great!!!!
mouser> may i link to that from translator boomerang page?
mouser> ahahahahahahaha
mouser> that is brilliant
app> sure
mouser> Available for wild sex. -> .... -> Impression of a national marketing, banking image is completed.
JoTo> i can ask my girlfriends: Have your impression of a national marketing, banking image completed? When i want to ask her if we can have wild sex together :-))))
app> lol
mouser> correct
JoTo> LOL...cant stop laughing....imagine the situation yourself...a woman and a man in a restaurant on the next table...
JoTo> you hear him asking: Have your impression ...
JoTo> belly hurts from laughing
mouser> everything always comes down to money it seems
JoTo> wuahharharhar...stop it. Pleeeease!
JoTo> my image now completes especially when i see a prostitute on the street. It reminds me to read the financial times for the national marketing :-))
mouser> :)
mouser> we should make a special audio play
mouser> of like
mouser> star trek
mouser> but imagining that their language translator
mouser> is google translater boomerang
mouser> and see what craziness happens
mouser> :)
app> lol
app> that could be a segment in the next poscast ;-)
JoTo> nothing special would only get Klingon language :-)))

Grab a copy of Translator Boomerang and try it out for yourself ;-)