Krishean> «--- light a cigarette with a laser pointer
Kaimaru> i had a friend that bought one
Krishean> any good?
Kaimaru> it took about 40 seconds to melt the blinds in his house
Kaimaru> didnt go thought but there was a good "drip" off of it
Krishean> im betting he didn't get the most powerful model then
Kaimaru> no couldnt pay that much
Kaimaru> they are like thousands
Kaimaru> i think
Kaimaru> well he said they were i never looked it up
Krishean> $3499
Krishean> for the top model
lilblu> :(
lilblu> to pricey:-/
lilblu> lo
lilblu> l
lilblu> insanely cool
lilblu> but id rather get something like ipod:-D
Kaimaru> why are the blue ones more expensive?
Krishean> lol ipod
Krishean> i'd like to see an ipod light something on fire
Krishean> using light
lilblu> :-D
lilblu> well it wont do that
lilblu> but i can watch the movie of the laser lighting something on fire
lilblu> on the ipod;)
lilblu> ah
Kaimaru> i mean the top green one is far more powerful yet the blue is 1500 more....
Kaimaru> the blue one can be seen for 15 miles and the green one for 120 miles... and the green one is cheaper...
* lilblu wnats one
lilblu> lol
Krishean> lol
lilblu> but hmm
lilblu> can you get into legal trouble?
lilblu> with this stuff?
Kaimaru> well you can buy it...
Krishean> probably if you torture people with it
Kaimaru> im just afraid that if im playing with it in my room and it reflects off the tv or something and hit my eye how much damage it will do??
Krishean> dunno
lilblu> lol
lilblu> sunglasses?;)
Kaimaru> nvm
Kaimaru> they make special glasses for use with lasers
Kaimaru> they are 120 bucks thou
lilblu> lmao
Krishean> if its a Class IV Laser, turning it on without saftey glasses is not reccommended
Kaimaru> all of them on the site are only Class IIIb
Krishean> then don't shine them in your eye
Krishean> i can build lasers that just looking at the beam can cause eye damage
Kaimaru> not into but just the beam
Kaimaru> ?
Krishean> ueah
Krishean> yeah*
Krishean> class IV UV C lasers
Krishean> you really don't even want to be in the room when the thing is on
lilblu> yikes
lilblu> ahah
lilblu> :-X
Krishean> will cause cancer with prolonged exposure
Krishean> need to wear goggles and skin protection to be in the room while its on