The Big Monitor

app> i would LOVE to have the big one there
app> $18,000!
zibo> too big
app> no such thing
zibo> you wouldnt use more than 2 of those
app> that's what you think
zibo> it wouldnt run on your shitty computer, think what good graphic card youd need
zibo> or cards
zibo> like 5 of them
app> you are talking to someone that is always in 11 chatrooms at the same time...on 4 networks, with 3 chat clients...
app> plus web pages, and other shit
zibo> so
app> so, zibo...
zibo> this doesnt take great computer
app> are you going to buy it for me...along with whatever i need to make it work?
app> my daughter would love it for graphics work
zibo has parted
app> i guess that means 'no'
zibo sharing 9 files, has joined
Soothsayer> lmao that monitor is bigger than my house
zibo> you live in a cardboard box ?
Soothsayer> bigger than my room*
Soothsayer> well my house ain't too big as flats are too expensive here
zibo> your room is like 3 feet long ?
Soothsayer> fuck U, that was an expression
Soothsayer> dont get too theoretical
Soothsayer> :p
zibo> shouldnt it be literatical ?
zibo> .
app> is that even a word?
zibo> im quite sure it is
Soothsayer> its not
app> No entry found for literatical.
zibo> literal then ?
Soothsayer> wats the meaning u want to convey ?
zibo> nvm it
Soothsayer> lol
app> zibo...stay in school


Stephen66515 said...

har de har har...LOL