What a night!

Plastic> trying to keep a friend of mine from driving
Plastic> so I am scraping my bowl
Plastic> and making him smoke resin
Viscousbit> ugh
Viscousbit> resin hits
* Viscousbit is reminded of why he stopped smoking pot
Plastic> I know
Plastic> my poor bowl
Plastic> its going to look ugly in the morning
* app hands plastic a sledge hammer
app> faster...more effective
Plastic> good idea
app> any women around to distract him/wear him out till he passes out?
Plastic> yeah, they keep calling hos phone
Plastic> but he lives where I use to
Plastic> so he is miles away from him
Plastic> them*
Plastic> somthing
Plastic> yeah
app> lol
app> and it's not likely you will let him 'borrow' any of yours :-P
Plastic> he took me to orlando
Plastic> so he can come here and party.
Gunrunner_Gray> lol
Plastic> none of mine are around
Gunrunner_Gray> So Plastic does have a 'black book'.
Plastic> I made out with this waitress...
Plastic> but then I got tossed out of the concert right afterward
Gunrunner_Gray> Damn, what a story.
Gunrunner_Gray> Was the waitress hot?
Plastic> YES
Plastic> she was walking around with this tray
Plastic> that had drinks in vials
Plastic> that glowed in the black light
Plastic> and she gave me a bunch for free
Plastic> there were these christian protestors at the concert
Plastic> outside on the patio area
Plastic> and I went and started preachign with them
Plastic> just the way to heaven was buttsex
app> lol
Gunrunner_Gray> lmao!!
Plastic> and I got tossed out
Plastic> and my friends were getting tossed at the same time
Plastic> for some other drunken problem they got into
Plastic> which I haven't got a clear answer on
Plastic> bloodhound gang was playing...
Plastic> I know that much...
Gunrunner_Gray> What a night.
Plastic> There was an altercation with the police afterwards
Plastic> and we had to run quickly
Plastic> they weren't happy about being kicked out
Plastic> and a cop started grabbing my friend so I stuck the cop and we ran
app> stuck? or struck?
Plastic> as in stuck my hand in fis face.
Plastic> his
Plastic> we saw some guy hit some woman on street on out way home
Plastic> and my friends stopped and started a fight with him
app> i was thinking maybe you stuck the cop in the pooper
Plastic> and it was bad
Plastic> I wish
Plastic> I hate orlando cops...
Plastic> so yeah
Plastic> thats what happen
Plastic> and hear I am
app> with a friend you still need to knock the fuck out
Plastic> he is flirting on the phone.
Plastic> so he is busy.