* Menchi187 returns
Frozen-Shade> anyone for a game of yahoo pool?
Menchi187> ill give you one while i eat
Frozen-Shade> god I suck at this
* Dusty zooms around like a little butter fly
Menchi187> it didnt load
Frozen-Shade> but I like the sound of the balls hitting together
Dusty> o.o
Frozen-Shade> wouldnt it be cool if guys sounded like that whenever they walked?
Frozen-Shade> or banged?
Frozen-Shade> lol
Menchi187> lol
Frozen-Shade> bahahha!
Dusty> i know a few!
Frozen-Shade> a marathon foot race would be hilarious.. or tokyo at rush hour
Menchi187> shade......makes me wonder about your previous experience......
Dusty> lol
Frozen-Shade> about balls clanging together?
* Dusty goes back to zooming
Menchi187> because you SHOULD know that they tend to make a slapping sound off her during fast sex :P
Frozen-Shade> I had my testicles removed and replaced with miniature billiards balls. 10 and 4 to be precise
Menchi187> lol
Menchi187> im not sure if thats a joke.........
Frozen-Shade> Oh, it is O_O