Serbian Pizza

<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> Hi Yello :-D
<yello_maniac> hey there boki
<yello_maniac> im not eating flat bread foods from italy ever again.......
<yello_maniac> thanks for that
<yello_maniac> =P
<yello_maniac> jk
<yello_maniac> it will just be like everything else i eat.....another psych bill
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lol
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > dang
<cn28h> you eat psych bills?
<cn28h> hm, wee I've eaten paper, but not the kind you use like with carbon copies
<yello_maniac> no.....
<yello_maniac> food makes me need more counseling
<yello_maniac> thanks app
<cn28h> hm
<yello_maniac> and now boki
(*.net *.split)
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<cn28h> like when you read about the government allowable levels for fly eggs in ketchup?
<cn28h> aww, he's split ;P
<omgplzstfukthx> when he thinks about what 'pizza' means in serbian
<cn28h> what? lol
<omgplzstfukthx> when we come back from the split, ask boki
<omgplzstfukthx> she is serbian
<cn28h> ok
<omgplzstfukthx> boki
<cn28h> boki, can I give you pizza?
<omgplzstfukthx> cn has a question to ask you
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> oh...
<yello_maniac> damn it boki
<yello_maniac> and app its your fault
<>> [New World Constitution] We the People hereby resolve that it's all Sable's fault!
<yello_maniac> or sable
<yello_maniac> or someone
<omgplzstfukthx> convo started with sable's pizza
<yello_maniac> i was half out of it when i learned that pizza is not office friendly
<yello_maniac> well ill have you all know right now that i was not even looking at that pizza
<yello_maniac> much less anything else
<cn28h> do you like your pitzza deep dish?
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<yello_maniac> think ill never look at pizza again because of that knowledge
<yello_maniac> ohhh lets not go there
<yello_maniac> my brain my explode
<omgplzstfukthx> pizza with sausage
<yello_maniac> bad app
<cn28h> and ground meat
<yello_maniac> bad bad bad bad
<yello_maniac> the ground meat didnt pay for dinner?
<omgplzstfukthx> but for yello, he'd perfer the veggie pizza
<yello_maniac> ohh damn it
<yello_maniac> you all are horrible
<yello_maniac> and making me more so
<cn28h> mushroom stamp pizza
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<cn28h> I went to Google Serbia, typed in pizza, and got pizza hut
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<yello_maniac> and a couple shots at happy hour?
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > boki should add the pizza to wiki and urban dictionary
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lol Crow
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> sorry guys, I was on the treadmill
<omgplzstfukthx> boki: tell cn28h what serbian pizza is
<cn28h> sounds tasty
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> Pizza = Picka which means women's pussy
<cn28h> ah, I was right
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> or Pizda
<omgplzstfukthx> the first time she was in a chatroom with a bunch of women discussing how much they loved pizza, she thought we were all lesbos
<cn28h> lol
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> yep
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<cn28h> hm, I need to order some pizza
<omgplzstfukthx> lol
<hollow87> lol you can order pizza ill have some pizda :-p
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > there is a pizza place that delivers by plane in alaska
<SneakyLurkinBLACKAZZBIRDY > lol
<yello_maniac> lol
<yello_maniac> mail order bride >_>
<omgplzstfukthx> hahaha
<yello_maniac> damnit
<yello_maniac> im horrible now too
<hollow87> lol
<omgplzstfukthx> congrats
<yello_maniac> i graduated from APU
<yello_maniac> App's Pervy University
<omgplzstfukthx> not yet
<cn28h> all that late night pizza finally paid off
<omgplzstfukthx> you are still a freshman
<yello_maniac> aww oki
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> wb Hollow :-D
<hollow87> ty boki :-p
<cn28h> boki, do you deliver? ;P
<¤tTÞ¤-TSC[55];ßôkî> lmao